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Silver Wings PZL P.11c - Shelved

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Thanks 303sqn for posting this information which I found very interesting. This is maybe readily available in Poland, but difficult to come by in the English speaking world.


I found it disappointing that there was no information provided in the Silver Wing instructions at all regarding all the variations of the aircraft - indeed a missed opportunity.




First of all we appreciate starting this topic, where you share your tips on how to build the PZL.

We totally understand that corrugations and how it's made might be a great subject of discussion.

However, let's remember some facts: this is a resin kit (not plastic injected), this is "only" a 1/32 scale and 3d printing has limitations.

Being that said, we confirm that the number of corrugations is not the same as originally.

Simply, resin casting technology is not so sophisticated despite our best will and extensive experience  :)


We enjoyed releasing this special Polish fighter and hope your feeling about the kit are positive too.

Please keep sending us your remarks and comments - thanks to us, our friends and customers we can improve our products.


Enjoy your Sunday!



There is some interesting information in Simon's post and I had to lough about this kit being "only" 1/32.


Reading between the line, it looks to me that the limitation was the 3d printing of the master which I can see as a reason, but I don't buy that the fine corrugation can/t be reproduced in resin. So maybe producing the master by 3d printing wasn't the best way...


In comparison, Mirage managed to reproduce a much more convincing corrugation on their 1/48 kit.


Even this is still overscale, BUT it does give a much better illusion of a very fine corrugation as was on the original and not the corrugation on the Silver Wings kit which looks more like the surface of a Junkers F-13.


I should have read up on the PZL-11c first prior purchasing the kit as there are several online reviews showing you how the kit looks. But I didn't and and I found out later. That is not the end of the world and I learned a lot about the type and I look forward building the Mirage kit together with the very extensive Part PE set instead.


But please don't let this stop you from building the kit if you have it in your stash as I am sure it looks decent from a distance, but I like to admire a 1/32 scale models from close seeing all these lovely extra detail possible in this scale.


Cheers, Peter

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