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F-15E --- 1/32 --- Tamiya

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For the NO PUSH / NO STEP stencils - there are 3 pieces of masks... This is one of this things, which are as easy as they are difficult. First, there is a ton of things to consider and keep on mind throughout the painting.

- It is good to keep the rectangular shapes of the PE plates clean (no pieces of tape, paper or other things with irregular shapes), cause the rectangular sides of the plates are the key reference points to keep the "decals" properly aligned to each other, as well as according to the edges of surfaces.

- The cleaner the edges of the plates - the greater the chance for overspraying... so some cleaning outside the edges of the plate is almost always required.

- The first (lowest) plate serves as a layout for the alignment of all the steps in order to make 1 complete decal. So The first PE plate should be secured properly and the "attachment points" of the upper (interchangable) plates should not interfer with these of the first (layout) plate.


The needed plates are cut and with added "attachment points", in this case just some stripes of paper tape. 




And a serries of the steps - first the "layout plate", then the plate with the honeycomb contours + paint, and then the plate with the letters + paint. 










And all this is for just one stencil. :)))) About a dozen more to come. Here are the horizontal stabilizers finished - in the end, i could barely distinguish on these pics what is what, but when looking at the model - it`s impossible. 2 are NO PUSH and 2 are NO STEP...





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Hmm, nope. :) The shiny diagonals of the first "layout" plate are slightly convex and  actually the space inside forms a slot. Where the other two plates are inserted one after another. And only one at a time, cause the convex diagonals of the layout plate have the thickness of just one plate. They are these diagonals, which ensure the proper alignment of all the "steps" for painting just 1 decal. ;)

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Soooo, these PE stencils were waaaay easier than i thought. Today it was a real "stenciling" sunday - it took me just one day to apply them all. And this is after an overall (the last) filter. And i unmasked the canopy - without a hitch! Beautiful. There are still the pods that need decals and filtering along with the pylons, and then the final pics in this clean look. Indeed, i plan to keep it that way for quite some time, before the weathering, cause i like it so much as it is now without weathering.  :frantic:  :frantic:  :frantic:  :frantic:  :piliot:  :piliot:

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