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Piper Super Cub floatplane (PA-18-150) "Popeye"

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After a very long stall, i was back to this build a few months ago, and finally finished it today. I started it as a "quick build", and i thought it would be done in a few weeks. Huge mistake ! After finishing the inside and gluing the fuselage, i made my research a bit further and i noticed a lot of difference between the actual aircraft and what was in the Revell kit. The Revell kit supply a standard floatplane Supercub, whereas the swiss aircraft "Popeye" seems to have a lot of custom modification. And there was also a lot of very simplified details that deserve to be improved (control cables, engine cowling, floats details and so on...).

I have remade the back of the fuselage to scratch build the clear roof, made a few tiny pulleys for the control cables, remade the floats rudders, and various other small stuff.

So it was quite long, sometimes a bit boring, but now it's done, i'm very happy of it. I hope you like it, too. :)


Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60767?st=0


I just hope i did not post too many pictures.... 


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Nicolas, how did you manage to get that 1:1 float piper onto a blue gigantic blanket, and then photograph it pretending you build a 1\32 replica ???????????... :innocent: :wicked:


Man, this is THE best i ever saw before, you're a real master crafter, congratulations!!



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Thanks guys for the kind words ! It's a relief it's now done and everything went pretty smooth. The kit is a very good base, but it's a bit fragile so one has to be very careful with the handling. 


Kevin, of course you can publish it ! :) 

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Great job!!! BTW, there is a local company here who is licensed to both rebuild, an build new Cubs? They even make an all carbon fiber one called a Carbon Cub. Look them up sometime, called Cubcrafters.

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