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Well, back from work and back to the bench  :rolleyes:.  Today some progress on the wings and nacelles:



One of the characteristics of this kit is the model's propensity to 'tail sit' unless adequate weight is placed forward.  The instructions call for 50g in each nacelle and 90g just aft of the cockpit (both are good size chambers).  Taking advice from other modellers I put in more: 60g in the nacelles and 100g forward.






Besides wielding the airbrush with light olive, I've also prepped and primed, with Vallejo Primer, some plastic (old F-15 wings from teenage years (so a long time ago :rolleyes:)) ready to practise the RLM 76 over 75 camouflage (I reckon the RLM 22 won't be too taxing  :unsure:):





Tomorrow I hope to close the fuselage and get the wings on....she's going to start looking like an aircraft before long  :o


Thanks for watching



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It's been a good few days at the bench and the Uhu is looking more like an aircraft rather than a pile of plastic pieces!




The pit has been completed apart from some pieces of PE on the shelves; I was surprised at how cramped the front seat now looks - it's difficult to see the control column for instance!








The fuselage has been joined, but I've left the front section unglued (advice from Ted Taylor's build in Nov 2012) to enable the nose gear leg to fit in easier at a later stage.




I must say that the design and fit of the kit is very good indeed - the wings went on with no problem at all although the nacelles required a little filler and some rescribing which is not finished yet.






Due to various commitments I'll be away from the bench for a few weeks, but I feel - on present progress - that I'm on track to complete the build by the end of October. :yahoo:


Thanks for visiting!



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Good evening everyone!  A progress report on my Uhu 'WN 290126' now that rest and play are over:





In the last few days I've reached the stage of painting the Uhu.  Recently I've been working on various sub-assemblies such as the landing gear and propellers,  though they will need weathering.  I reduced the size of the nose oleo to something more reasonable and inserted a piece of brass rod to strengthen the assembly.  I'd like to do the same for the main landing gear (showing off its decals with a nice bit of silvering!) but not quite sure of the feasibility  :hmmm:




I did a prime with good old Tamiya Primer from the can and learnt a lesson: too little control (didn't decant) though it did the job!  After sanding, repairing and rescribing I gave her a coat of Vallejo acrylic primer from the airbrush - much better.


Then came the interesting exercise of positioning the 'old' markings so that later on the overspray and subsequent British markings could be applied.  First problem was finding a set of references which agree - despite the fact that this is one of the 'more photographed' Uhus!!  


Of the two major references I was using, both disagreed about the placing of the side fuselage markings.  In the end I eyeballed it from a grainy photo of the actual aircraft.    






Then on with a couple of coats of RLM 75  :)












Some bits look a bit rough but I've planned them  :closedeyes: (trust me I'm a doctor!) as part of the weathering process (who said it was a ploy to cover up bad modelling?).  Next stage is practising the RLM 76 squiggle over the RLM 75 before the real thing :blink:  


Now a short intermission while work disrupts the modelling.....


Many thanks for visiting.



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She's coming along fine Mike! Regarding your Tamiya primer comment, I always use it straight from the can with no problems but I do find the white primer pools easily so you have to gradually build up more thin layers, whereas the grey levels beautifully.


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Looking good! Love to see the next paint step! :)




Ah, well, Hakan, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer as I had the original 'Great Painting Disaster' :oops: .  This was almost certainly due to my inexperience though I have learnt a great deal!  The Vallejo RLM 75 (Grey-violet) went on nicely and hardened up; however, when I came to apply the (Xtracrylix) RLM 76 (Light-blue) for the 'Wellenmuster' wave/squiggle pattern I hit a few snags:


1.  With the paint well thinned it would not adhere to the surface, and

2.  With the air pressure low it would not adhere anyway, and

3.  If the paint was thickened it would not flow through the AB (even with a flow improver) :hmmm: 


So, I thought I'd just brush-paint the RLM 76 :whistle:   This was successful and looked very effective (initially) but when it dried it looked awful with ridges and runs.  I was left with no option but to clean all of it off and start again.  However, time is now against me so I'm going to be another member of this GB who is not going to complete it in time.  Very sad but I'd rather get this right and that will take a bit longer - and I intend to airbrush the whole scheme :)


Having given this particular camouflage scheme a great deal of thought I now have the basis of a plan.  What is interesting is that one of the best references for the 'Wellenmuster' appears to be the beautifully restored NASM Uhu.  I've used their work as a basis for completing my Uhu (290126) because the three photos of this particular aircraft (two are of it in British markings) do not show the upper camouflage scheme very clearly.  It seems to me that the 'Wellenmuster' on the upper main wings is a definite series of coils, circles and lattices (however, as the NASM's example was missing this scheme on the wings, theirs, by admission, is an extrapolation).  On the fuselage and tailplanes the NASM was fortunate to have the remains of the scheme plus some undisturbed paint in the wing roots, and were able to recreate what is a very definite lattice work.  So, interesting times ahead - but I will finish this build.


Finally, I will continue with updates but, in the meantime, all the best to you other builders: you are an inspiration  :thumbsup:


Thanks for visiting



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