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Tamy F4U-2N build

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Rather than trying to deform it to fit the wing, I'd go with filling and blending.

Plus One. Just make sure you have it where you want it and then well set with CA  After that, use your favorite modeling epoxy ( milliput etc) to blend it in. You could try using a small rat tail file and see if you can't improve the fit to at least the top of the wing, then most of your filler will be on the bottom surface.


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Hey Harv- Great subject choice. Rather than try to alter the shape of the pod or wing, I also think you might try some Milliput Superfine white, and blend the radome in. Trace its' location on the assembled wing, mix up a small amount of Milliput, and roll it out flat on the tracing. Press your radome into it, so that you can then use a small spatula to sculpt the Milliput exactly to the edge of your radome. Use a wet tool or finger to blend the seam. You would then only need to lightly sand/polish the join.....Easy fix!

Looking forward to your work....

THOR    :ninja: 

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Harv, what i did on mine was, first i laminated a piece of .010 to the inside surface of the part that went under the wings, then cleaned and sanded that up along the edges as best i could, to try to reduce the magnitude of the "gap".


Then i wrapped a piece of clear, shiny package wrapping tape (you know, the stuff that drives you crazy when you try to peel it off the roll) around the leading edge where the radome went (its clear so you can see where the radome is in relation to panel lines, etc). After that i tack glued the radome in position with just enough glue to locate its position.


Then, i started adding thick super glue (it took a LOT, BTW) around the gap to start closing it up. You might want to try one or two iterations with accelerator to sort of create a "back stop" so the super glue won't seem to be draining into a black hole indefinitely. Once i got the gap filled, i left it to set up overnite.


The next morning, i applied side loads to the radome and "cracked" it off the leading edge of the wing, taking the tape with it. It left the kit wing pretty much untouched. I then primed the radome where all the super glue was and started sanding away the excess superglue. When the primer was gone, i knew i had a smooth-sided radome.


Then i went back and test fitted the radome again. At this point, any remaining gaps could be filled with Mr Surfacer. Then it was just a matter of fixing all the OTHER shape irregularities in that @#$**!?? thing.


Anyway that's how I did it. Your mileage may vary.



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