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paul fisher

Bell X-1A and X-1B in 1/32 scale coming soon...

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Well, now that I'm done with jury duty I can get back to work on this little beauty in earnest and have it finished up in no time.

These pictures are of the first full resin casts that I will use as masters for the production molds, they need a bit more refinement and panel detail of course, but you can see that we're not far from the actual kit.




Above you can see the main airframe taped together, wheel well bits, wheels and tires, wheel doors and the resin blanks for the canopy. The basics of the cockpit box are in place....Not a lot of room in there!






Since the kit will include parts and decals for both the X-1A and the X-1B the rudimentary ejection seat will be included, as well as the original bucket and sheet metal back rest.By the time the NACA had painted the aircraft white the seat was installed .




Above is a shot showing the aft bulkhead of the wheel well, the roof of the well is actually the wing skin, with a pile of plates bolting it together.




Kit parts showing the insides of the fuselage, there are tabs to help with alignment but the cleats to locate the wheel well and cockpit have yet to be built in.




Same stuff, pother side, lots of panel and fastener detail to scribe in, and other details, but with any luck she will be complete in May, just in time for my birthday!




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Guest Smitty44

Sweet, thanks Paul! Looks like I know what I will be getting for my b day in June!

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It would appear as though you've hit another one out of the park, Paul. Looks like another gem-of-a-kit.



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