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And the Hawk is finished.  I'll do some proper photos shortly, but meanwhile here's some "quick 'n' dirty" tasters.








It's not turned out quite as well as I'd hoped, but it's not a bad "three-footer".  Thanks to one and all for all your support and encouragement, and for taking the time to click in and have a look.  I'm aiming to have it on the Milton Keynes stand at SMW.

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Thanks Gents.


I'll get the photos done eventually; went to get the camera out and found the battery had died, so needs charging.  Plus: remember I mentioned dealing with a dead washer-dryer a few posts up?  Alas, it really was terminal (or at least BER) and the new one arrives today; but I hope to get them done soon! 

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Well, here she is: XX342 of the ETPS around 1987. The scheme was selected as an extra tribute to Capt Brown's profession of Test Pilot and all who share it.   And also because I love this colour scheme.






Oh dear, should have tidied up that windscreen line a bit better.




There's my pilot's book; I think the aircraft is at an air display, and he's bought it during an off-duty wander.  I'm sure it will be stowed away somewhere before flight.  If you recall, it's a 1980s copy of Wings of theWeird and Wonderful Vol 1.  A very good read, btw, if you haven't already.








Thanks for your interest, and all your help and support along the way.  It's been fun. 


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