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Place holder for the mo - but a statement of intent for this GB - with caveat that it may not be completed in time and I have other projects to get finished/progress with.


Need to get the review of the HpH kit finished and posted (all photos now done) and then I'll make a start.







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Top choice, literally!


This was Captain Browns favourite all time prop driven aircraft - his favourite jet being the F-86E


He loved how this was overpowered but was "splendid" in flying and a great naval aircraft too. 


I'd love to get my eyes on the straight Hornet - much prefer this bird to the Mosquito, which looks bloated in comparison....

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My thoughts/motivation exactly - the Hornet was one of his favourite aeroplanes.


This will be painted/marked up in a service scheme and not the 'Prototype' markings.


In photo above you'll see a standard single-seater as well - both port fuselages overlaid on some plans that Arthur Bentley is still working on! (at 1:24th on that sheet)


The HpH Hornets are the most accurate Hornets ever kitted - but they do have their foibles (like any kit) and not helped by there being no remaining complete airframe. I'll be going through a few improvements as the build progresses.


I'm still a little stunned that we have two Hornet kits available in 1:32 - not even in my wildest dreams!  :innocent:


Have fun!



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A beautiful aeroplane indeed, a real thoroughbred if ever there was one.


I'm reminded of the ex-Station Commander of RAF Waddington, Grp Cpt David Bonham Carter, like Winkle Brown a test pilot though pre-war. Post-war B-C had his own personal Hornet when he was stationed in the Far East. He flew it on a courtesy visit to an American Base, which one escapes me. Knowing he was coming, the Yanks put up an "honour guard" of four F86s but B-C spotted them first. Climbing above them, he feathered one of the props then hurtled between them. On landing he eased his way out of the cockpit, grabbed his walking stick and stumped across the tarmac to gasps of amazement! B-C was a legend and the subject of many tales at Waddo, the wartime home of 467 and 463 Lancaster squadrons.


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Apologies folks - with work patterns changing in last week, an urgent magazine review to get done and a friend in hospital - so looking after pets - no progress on this, or any other projects just now.


Focus is on getting the review of this kit up and live in the reviews area - once that's done I can crack on with some stuff.


Please do not adjust your sets - normal randomness will resume shortly!  :)



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Sorry to hear! Sad when cancer gets another victim.


I just recently saw a serie of nine episodes, called "The truth abouth cancer", that I found very interesting.

The link to their page is here

Can't help your friend, but maybe can help prevent cancer getting more victims.

The more that know what can be done, the better!



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