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VS DreamLiner


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Hi friends, it's me again :)

We all love supermodels, so my next project will be an Victoria's Secret Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner :)

i'll use Zvezda boeing 787-8 at 1/144 scale directly from the box.

The photoshop project is ready:




I've used a photo of untitled 787-9, but the idea is clear :)


Decals and masks are also ready:




Hope you will like the WIP at this sweet birdy ;)

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You did a fantastic job to get this design over onto decals! Your Photoshop skills must be amazing!

How did you cut those masks?


Thanks buddy , I'm glad you like it ;)

I cut the masks with cutting plotter from an vector file, that I've designed with corel draw :)

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Start this project wiht the most bouring thing in the world - masking windows of airliner :mental:  one by one.

After this exercise I've smoked two packets of marlboro and promissed to myself - from now on only decal windows :piliot:

This is the result after 2 hours masking:



Cheers guys :)


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You're right at some parts :) but for me - hate one action to repeat 10000 times :frantic:or sanding, putting, sanding, putting . . . 

the relaxing part for me is airbrushing /all process/ or weathering the model :)

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