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Thank you for the kind words. Made some more progress. I primed the fuselage with Mr. Resin and proceeded to fill the central seam. Quite a bit of work but this is not a large airplane. I also rescribed the panel lines lost in the sanding. I then glued in the lower wing with 5 minutes epoxy. Fit was really good so sanding of the wing root will be minimal.


tail is just dry fitted for the moment but the fit is pretty good.


I also glued the main wing with five minute epoxy, fit was good but I needed to use a small jig to get the correct dehydral on the wing. Here it is with the ailerons glued and the central seem filled and sanded and the panel lines rescribed


I also continued to prepare some other elements such as the wheels carriage. Fit was good but there was a large seam in front which need to be puttied. Next step, masking the wheels and priming the wheels carriage.



I have purchased some Aber MG17 to replace the kit part which was not too convincing. This is going to look much better and it is worth the investment since they are so apparent on this aircraft.


I have also prepared the ventral tank and the four fifty kg bombs which will be installed under the lower wings. Does any of you know what color these bombs should painted? I can't seem to find a definite answer.


That's all for now, thank you for following this build.



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Time for an update. After sanding and rescribing it was time to paint. Because this is a biplane, I decided that I would do the painting before assembling the upper wing. I have also decided to paint all the markings using Maketar masks, which are really great but it takes an awful time to get this correct and I am still not entirely satisfied with the result but so it goes. This is where I stand, fuselage is still in need of some touch ups and has received a coat of future for the few decals that I will use and in anticipation of the wash. The fuselage is painted with Gunze RLM 76 and will still have some tonal variation, the future makes it look very dark and monochrome. For the scheme, I am using one of the color profile in Robert Panek book, I wanted a bird with the eastern front yellow markings on the wings and tail to contrast with the overall dark green, hopefully it will turn out OK.




The upper wing is more advanced with Flory washes and a flat coat. Markings are painted.



Hopefully the time to mate the upper wing to the fuselage is not too far away. Thanks for watching.



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That looks excellent! Love the Hs-123; one of my all-time favourite aircraft. I have several in 1/72nd scale, one in 1/48th scale, but none in 1/32nd scale - just a bit pricey for me at the moment. I will no doubt buy one in due course, and your great work will be a good guide on building it.





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