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Carl, Maru, Hakan,


Thank you for your kind words. The engine has been painted with Alclad Gloss black and then various shades of Alclad: steel for the center and aluminum, hot metal red and hot metal sepia for the cylinders, then a coat of Alclad aqua gloss and finally Flory black wash. Pushrods are painted with Valejo black.


I made some progress on the cockpit:

Rudder and mg17 ammunition box:


Sidewall, right now the wires are left loose and willbe threaded into the bulkead when I install them:


The seat mounted on the bulkhead with HGW luftwaffe seatbelt. I still need to give the belts a Klear cote, a Brown wash and then a coat of matt varnish.

These HGW seatbelts are growing on me: with an optivisor and two fine tweezers, there are actually pretty easy to assemble and it looks much better than photoetch.


And the seat dryfitted into the fuselage, the fit is actually very good:


Cockpit has been painted RLM2, then a Klear coat then a brown enamel wash to get the details and a bit a aluminum dry brushing around the seat and the rudder pedals.


I hope you like it. Till next time.



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Cockpit is almost completed, I should be able to close the fuselage in the coming days.

The IP a piece of resin with a film glued behind with tiny levers in resin. Not much will be seen after the fuselage is closed as the IP is pretty deeply recessed inside the tub.



With the stick dry fitted, which bears an uncanny resemblance with a Spit stick.


And with the seat bulkhead dryfitted. I also added a few airscale placards on the side walls and IP, adds character :) .


Till next time. Thanks for watching.



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Hakan, Shaka, Kev, thank you for the kind words. I have closed the fuselage with 5 minutes epoxy, after flat coating the cockpit. One more shot of the cockpit before closing:


And the fuse will now dry overnight before sending but as you can see the seem is pretty minimal and what is more important the panel lines between the two halves of the fuselage are perfectly aligned. No credit for me here, the two fuses had pretty hefty locating pins and the fit is quite impressive for a resin kit. So far this kit has been a pleasure to build.






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I bought this kit from Ray last year in Oregon, and have washed, cut out, sanded, and prepped all the parts for assembly, then separated them into assemblies and their own individual sandwich bags. It is ready for me when I have a clear head.


You are doing an absolutely fantastic job on this kit, and is inspiring me to keep eyeballing mine. Keep it up, this is one sweet, sweet model, and it's gonna look absolutely awesome.

Too bad that beautiful cockpit detail is all but lost inside.

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