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1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

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Thanks you all - it really inspires me to read your kind comments and I am so grateful for each one - a very rewarding experience :)


Yikes!!     This is just spectacular... :popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:

         And a Canadian subject no less.

Thanks William - certainly is! In fact since I posted a kind member on HS has hooked me up with the Senior Engineer that maintains C-GSPT in Vancouver and has just renewed her C of A. I find it remarkable that our hobby has folk like him in it that help spread the web of interest from 'playing with bits of plastic' to forging real relationships with real people tied to our real history. I can't wait to see the pics he has as while there are Spitfire references out there, they are not for this one, this Mark, this variant, this C/N!



Hi Peter

Beautifull seat. You are master of metal. Is there any of these parts photo etched?



Hi Tomasz - hardly a master, and in fact when I look at your Boeing F4B4 I am come over with inadequacy and inspiration in equal measures :)


As for the parts, none of these are photo-etched, but I am currently preparing a PE sheet that will cover a lot of cockpit parts, radiators, rollover structure, rivet strips etc - all the bits I wish I had also done with my F7F..





Utterly superb Peter. This reminds me I need to speak to you about some custom PE if it's something you can do..?


How big is a 1/18th Spitfire btw? 3ft wide?


Hi Radliegh :) the model is about the same as the F7F or a 1/24 Mossie at about 62cm wingspan - not super massive, but easily big enough to cram in the detail - mind you there will be no open engine on this one so that cuts six months off the build :)


I may be able to help with custom PE advice - it is not something I can do in terms of the design just because of the time it takes, but I can help you get to where you want to go - just PM me



It's just occurred to me. I had no idea that HPH made a 1/18th Seafire 47! What's you're verdict on the kit Peter?


Best regards;


Thanks Steve - they make a range of varied 1/18 models - I had always been put off by the ~ 2,000 euro price tags but that is for custom fully built & painted versions - the kits are a far more reasonable price. They are fibreglass & resin and as mine is still being prepared & will be sent tomorrow, I can't say what it looks like yet :)


As soon as it arrives I will take some pics and add them here





OK...thats done it...YOU...out of the pool, put your clothes on and go home. What... The F-7 wasn't enough to send us all into abject resignation? I give up. Give me back my aluminum...




Touche Geoff! picture this... July 2010 and my very first visit to LSP... I am stumbling around after 20 years out of the hobby looking at many of the great builds and thinking 'wow, I wish I could be that good at making models'... then... I open a 1/24 P51 thread... YOUR P51 thread...at that point I realised that there were aliens living on earth - it was just not possible to make models like that - so I say No, Geoff - you give ME my aluminium back...


Hi Peter

Geez! What a project and what a start. Looking forward to following every step of the way.

I kind of thought with the Tiger wearing at you, your relaxing project might be an OOB 32nd scale build.

Sure looks like I was as far off the beam as I could be

Leep 'em coming


Ah OOB, even in an OOB group build I went into detail overdrive - I just don't have the DNA to do simple things it seems :)



You have GOT to be kidding us!


A working seat?!?? Oh wow.....that just goes above and beyond.


I hope that this new project helps you overcome the stagnation on the Tigercat too. It would be a crying shame to see that one remain unfinished.


Good luck on your new adventure Peter.



Thanks GD - that Cat is not going anywhere - it's build duration may be extended a tad, but I am NOT giving up on it - I just needed a change :)


Thanks folks & back soon




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And here we go again...


Another project to drool over.


What a stunning start too. I can't help but think you're cheating a little by not showing the engine... I had the AvGas at the ready to start her up ;-)


Joking aside, knowing the standard of your builds, it probably would fire up!


Can't wait for more...



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thanks folks :)


..the kit has not arrived yet but I have spent the last week productively..


..basically turning the Monforton book into PE :) I now have pretty much every part I need throughout the airframe- from cockpit to rollover bar, from trim tab housings to access panels it is the mother of all frets at 1/18 at 26cm by 14cm and a few hundred parts..


I have spoken to PPD and will get it done in nickel silver as I want a metal colour rather than brass and apparently it has pretty much the same properties for what I want..




..will wait for the kit later this week and make sure the scaling & sizing is correct then get a copy made :)



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evening folks :)


kit has not arrived yet so I have had to busy myself with some other parts..


..today is about learning and experimenting and that the first solution is not always the best option.. it also seems some crap has got into my camera so sorry about the black smudges here & there..


..I started with the control column - I scaled a drawing and found an appropriate diameter rod to start trying to form the very distinctive loop shape..




..it was actually a really hard shape to make - I also turned a brass spigot on my dremel (must get a lathe..) to mount it into..




..the real one has two rings on either side to give better grip I guess, so I made these too..




..I tried getting the rubber effect by using heat shrink tubing - it took ages to slide the tubing over the rings and around the circumference - the first one is on the right below - I wasn't happy as it looked too clunky and not textured. This gave me the idea to use guitar string so I made one from that... with this one I just could NOT get the tubing around it and over the rings so I tried others where I put the tubing on first and bent the shape...


..many attempts later..




..I also tried to make the part the grip actually sits on - I made a paper template and then folded it up from brass sheet - on the left the first attempt - totally fried by my mini blowtorch - I am still a serious learner when it comes to soldering.... on the right take two when I used a soldering iron :)




..another in the long line of trial and error was the gun button - I figured an air racer wouldn't have one, but actually the mounting is part of the casting of the grip so I thought I would leave it on ..


again, at the top the first attempt was to scribe lines into soft ali pipe which I thought I would section and bend around to give the grooved button... fail... at the bottom a section of X-acto handle I worked up which worked out much better..




..the finished front of the button and it's housing..




..and all the parts combined,,,






..it's a really iconic part so I hope I captured it..



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