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1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

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Oh man that framework for the pedals is just exquisite! As much as I love the look of the "raw" parts as you make them, there's something about having them "united" in a coat of paint that just makes them look so clean and complete. 


I'm drawing heavily on this thread for inspiration as I move into some heavy metal work, if I can make my parts come out even a hundredth as good as these, I'll be pretty darn stoked.


Can't wait to see the cockpit tub in place under all that lovely metal skin :)



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HI Peter and all of those of you have contributed to the thread to make it one of the most entertaining and inspiring things I've read, I think ever.


 I managed to read through this entire thread and the Tiger thread over the last days (I think it took four as there is so much there to read ;) ) ... It been amazing experiencing the highs, lows and learning curves as well as the ease at which yo seem to switch between mediums, learn new things, have the persistence to rework when you aren't happy with something (that I think the rest of us would already be ecstatic with) and come back from shelves crashing down on precious months of incredible work. 


Thanks for sharing and I hope that when I get my first WIP thread up that I am lucky enough to see some of the same support from what appears to be a wonderful community. 


ps while I've been modeling for nearly 40 years I can't imagine reaching the heights that most of you here achieve - but I'm inspired by all of you (especially Peter) to try.





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Guest Peterpools


Right with you


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Well Peter,

 Just a quick note to confirm I am of ,course,still following along here. I haven't posted because I honestly am flabbergasted and really have no words that are different from everyone else about the metallic magnificence that is going on here.

This is really something.


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Peter!! That is just magical work mate!! Beautiful to behold and speaks volumes of your talent and abilities!! I am beyond impressed and so thankful that you are imortalizing the Spitfire in this scale! Congratulations my friend and thanks for sharing!!



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