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1/48 Tamiya Avro Lancaster

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Too good to be true.  Did the engine come with the kit?


Thank you.




No I've used an Aires Rolls-Royce merlin resin substitute...


Other enhancements:


Scracthbuild non-tread bulged main wheels

Some interior Eduard PE 

Quickboost gun barrels (oval)

Scale Aircraft Conversion metal landing gear

Falcon Clear-Vax late style chin blister

Eduard landing flaps

Archer rivets & fasteners

Xtradecal Bomber  Squadron Red letters

Many other scratched parts, ladder etc...


Regards: Kent

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Looking great, the Tamiya Lancaster is one of the kits that got me back into modelling (the 1/32 Matchbox Spitfire was the other one) I have not built the Lancaster yet but I have a couple in the stash so this thread provides me with some much needed inspiration. The only question that I have concerns the exhaust staining on the outboard engines as I always thought that the outer staining was underneath the wing.





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That is fantastic.  One very minor critique that I only mention for interest sake,  Airflow over the outer wing rarely allowed for exhaust staining of the upper wing on the outer most exhaust bank. Most of it went under the wing rather than over it.


Great job though, Very well weathered.









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Yeah Max for the time being I'm going with the photo of JO-V


The photo clearly shows a conversion to the rear door of this JO-V, this could be the cut-away hatchway for a camera.




As for the Serial no, I still have my doubts about this. I've found another JO-V with the serial no not showing in the list 'RF270'




Maybe an error who knows? I'm fine with PD337, at least for the time being...

I have written to IWM, asking if they can confirm the text for their photo. I will wait to see if they have an answer.  :-)


Regards: Kent

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Kent simply brilliant, captured her beautifully..........now I need to decide if do a 1/48 or wait for the1/32 HK.........


Were there any real headaches with 1/48 given its vintage?


Hmm... I will try not to insult anyone. Tamiya's old kite is holding up remarkable well, even by todays standard's.

It depends a lot on what you want? It has some obvious flaws, that can be corrected without too much work. 

My main focus was the missing surface details, I mean the surface areas are huge even in 1/48 and the 'stressed skin' is a characteristic feature of the Lanc's. This was my main objective, trying to recreate some of this in a more authentic way.

When I started this build, it was little more than an experiment, I wasn't even sure if I would ever finish it, until two weeks ago!




I have put this issue to Neil at HK Models, that if they would successfully be able to replicate, what I call the 'stressed skin' effect, in a way that has only been attempted by Airfix (to my knowledge) on their 1/24 Typhoon, then they would have really have a model   that would turn the heads in the modelling world!


Well we will just have to wait and see how far HK Models will take this issue. The even larger 1/32 surfaces, with rivets but

without the 'stressed skin' effect would make no sence to me, being such a characteristica of the Lanc, but thats just my opinion...


Regards: Kent

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So I finally got an answer back from IWM regarding PO-V/L:


"Dear Mr Karlsen


Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in responding.


Unfortunately the Lancaster's serial number is obscured in FLM 2229, and we do not have any other photos of the aircraft, but you can see the cut-out in the crew entry door where a cine camera could be mounted which would indicate that this is indeed the camera aircraft.


I think that in cases where the code is given as JO-L, as here, it may be a typo:




An 'L' and 'V' can easily be mistaken when hand-written. That may explain the confusion. I don't think PD337 wore another fuselage ID letter during its service.


I'm sorry I cannot give an absolute assurance about this Lancaster, but in view of the above I would say that PD337 was indeed 'JO-V'.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if I can be of further help.


Best wishes


Ian Carter


Senior Curator"




It's not a final answer, but it's good enough for me, at least an expert is of the same opinion, I'm staying with PO-V PD335...


Now I only need to finish the last couple of details on this charismatic bomber.

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