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Kitty Hawk Models T-28 B/D Trojan *FINISHED*

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Thanks for the update Brian. Regarding the filling of the holes, that what I will keep in mind.



Thanks Dirk. It seemed like the easiest solution by far, and in the end I think it was. The punched out circles fit almost perfectly, and needed almost no filler, but I still put a bit of MS 1500 on them so when I re-scribe the panel/rivet lines, there is no hint of them remaining.


Now that the YZC, chipping layer, DGG, as well as the black for the IP hood parts, as well as the seat cushions are now dry, I will be able to start detailing and weathering. After that, I will be spraying a layer of a bit of gloss so I can apply the OOB side console and IP decals. 

My plan on those is to cut them up, so they better fit the side consoles themselves, as well as potentially eliminating the funky color on them as well. No chance of that on the IP, but thats ok, as since this is again a commission build, im limiting things to 100% OOB config.


More pics soon I promise........





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Wow, those are big holes for the pylons. Brian, are the attaching point on the pylon just as big?





Thats exactly what I was thinking when I first saw them......................the KHM OS2U had the exact OPPOSITE problem; very dinky "indicators" only of where the bomb rack holes were, and NO actual holes for the pylons/bomb racks at all.   AAMOF, I dont recall that the instructions even ever mentioned about drilling the holes out for the bomb racks. 


They do seem REALLY large to me, and being a trainer, I would say the majority of people building a T-28 will want the standard trainer config without pylons. 


Mike, I havnt actually looked at the pylon attachment points up close, but IIRC, I do think they were very similarly sized.  I didnt get back to the Trojan last night, but fully plan on hitting it when I get back home tonight, so I can start some pit weathering and assembly. 


I dont think that the re-scribe/sanding of the pylon holes will be a big of a deal as I had thought at first, as the punch and die really made the fit quite tight with minimal filler needed. 

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Looking very good, Brian.


I'm certainly following this one very closely because the one in my stash is calling my name!





Thanks John!  Its been a bit of an issue getting bench time this week, but not because of Blue (my Jeep) but more due to personal drama (which I ABHOR).  I really think the kit is great fitting, and any issues I have seen or encountered so far, are fairly minor ones considering the cost of the kit, and how well it fits, as well as the overall shape/outline of the kit. 

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Ok on to it then! 


I started off by proceeding on the VERY OOB cockpit...............and some good news...............SUCCESS!  I DID in fact get the OOB KHM side console decals to cooperate enough to be laid down over the existing molded on detail. YAY!   I knew it almost certainly would, and just like most of the other KHM decals, these conformed no issue.

I put down some MS Sol, prior to the decal being laid down, pushed it into the nooks and crannies with a Q-tip, then doused the HELL out of it with some Solvaset. Even though it looked funky on the sheet, the weird blue/gray color on the IP and side consoles doesnt look too bad at all, and actually kinda sets the DGG pit off a bit:








Throttle, trim, flap, mix handles will be added to the port side console after the gloss and wash:








Even in situ, the pit still fits great. This im not shocked about as all the new gen KHM kits Ive built, really do fit VERY well after some minor flash trimming. The pit in the T-28 fits like a well sized glove, and this will all look much more natural, after a gloss coat, grime wash, then a flat coat to seal everything in :












Next it was time to start the forward firewall/engine area. After seeing Herr Clunk stuggle to keep his Trojan on all 3 wheels, I decided here and now would be the point in time, to plan for where the extra weight would come from, to allow the T-28 to NOT sit on her tail. 

This was all a rough guesstimation on the extra weight needed, but I figured I wanted to put enough extra in to have 0 chance the T-28 would sit on her arese end........

To that end, I stared off by gluing in the two OOB weights, one on each side of the lower forward fuse (Again, JB Weld was used here as it is normally bomb-proof strong):








After I got the two OOB weights installed, I came up with a solution for the additional weight needed. I figured ANY amount I added would benefit from getting put as far forward as possible to get the most bang for the weight.

Figuring that this build for Glen was going to not only be a strictly OOB build, but Glen also indicated he wanted things all "closed up", so by that reckoning, the engine cowl panels, and the firewall access panels behind them, would all be closed, and that space normally reserved for all the busy work behind the engine, would be  perfect place for some extra weight. 

So thats exactly what I did..................


I cut off the bottom of one of the medicine cups I always use to mix paint, and roughed it up, so the glue would be sure to stick, then I cut out some notches for some of the molded on detail on the rear firewall:








You can see here the cut out medicine cup that will soon be filled with a mix of JB Weld and #9 lead shot-gun shot, sandwiched between the forward firewall, and the rear fire-wall:








Then, I filled the cut medicine cup up as far as I could with #9 lead shot. Then I dumped that amount of shot into a FULL medicine cup that had some pre-mixed JB Weld in it, and made a paste, so that each and every lead shot ball was coated in JB Weld, so I could be sure it would stick to its neighbor, and wouldn't have any "escapees"
or rouge loose lead pellets later on.

After I mixed up the correct amount of lead with the JB Weld, I used a tongue depressor to scoop the mix into the cut down medicine cup, then turned it upside down onto the fire-wall, so the JB Weld was going to get glued to fire-wall. I then sealed around the cup with some CA, to further make sure no lead pellets came out, then used a zip tie to ensure it all stayed together whilst drying:








After checking it out, it turns out I added roughly 1.6 Oz, which sounds like a lot, but I think the nose gear can take it, and I REALLY wanted to make sure Glen didnt get a tail sitter:








All for now lads, more pics soon.



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"Throttle, trim, flap, mix handles will be added to the port side console after the gloss and wash." Hmmm...stupid question: are they with the kit? Because they are missing in my instructions and I don't see them on the sprues. So I scratch built them....

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Hey Brian,


Great job on the cockpit so far.  So good, in fact, that I've decided to not wait for a PE set and follow your lead on mine.  OOB with some scratch details.  On the "blue" cockpit, I have a friend who is a several thousand hour Navy flight instructor in the T-28 and he will undoubtedly point that out............but hey, I think it looks passable once not in the spotlight.  The Eduard PE pits also tend to have a blue hue.


Thanks for the encouragement of your Build.




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