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Kitty Hawk Models T-28 B/D Trojan *FINISHED*

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On to the next adventure then!  This is the new KHM T-28 Trojan in 1/32nd scale. A long time fav of mine, The T-28 is finally here in LSP form!







Lets get right into then!


These new gen KHM kits are very nice, but some still think they have fit problems. To me some or maybe even most of those issues can be attributed to not having cleaned up the parts well enough.

Kitty Hawk sells these new kits at a fairly competitive price, VS your average 1/32nd kit, and they do still seem to have great shape and detail.  The “price†to pay for not paying as high of a price is that there IS some slight molding softness on some smaller parts, and there is an abundance of flash to clean up.

If you know going forward you have to pay EXTRA attention to cleaning, deburring, and smoothing all small parts, things are going to fit MUCH better for you.

Prime examples of this are the side consoles in the cockpit. They extend the whole length of the opening, and fit really nicely IF you clean all the flash off:








You also get some of the prototypical KHM “ejectitesâ€:








These to me are nothing more than a very minor inconvenience, and only have to be snipped off, as KHM usually puts them in an area where they won’t really be seen anyway.

The price of a cheaper kit, the flash to me is not a problem in the least, as I will trade it every time for fit like this:








Next I took the opportunity to "Russ things up a bit" and it only took 3 very tiny strips of Tamiya masking tape to hold the fuse together.  Each wing took the same, and even when just LAYING the parts next to each other, you can tell, its going to be a pretty decent fit:












Next to her just recently finished brethren, the KHM OS2U. The T-28 is unexpectedly bigger than I anticipated:








I shaved off all of the flash from the pit parts, and got things dry fit. The pit actually fits VERY well so far into the fuse, with only minimal effort on cleanup:








Strictly OOB on this one as well, so the OOB side consoles will do the job. Really not bad for OOB if you ask me:








All for now gents, but as I shoot the OS2U RFI pics this week, I will be working on this one as well, while also trying to build Glen a shipping crate for the Kingfisher!



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Interesting thread of this new kit, :thumbsup:  

very impressive start and I'll definitly learn a lot from this build!

Thanks for sharing!  :) 


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