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Eduard Kinfisher Update Sets

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Brian, you had mentioned something in the build about the beaching gear being somewhat simplified in the kit?

Care to elaborate for the rest of us?



The OOB KHM beaching gear really is just the main beaching gear frame with a simplified break line attached to it.  The actual 1:1 OS2U is more than just a frame with a break line...............there is actually all sorts of "stuff" hanging off of it.



The 1:1 OS2U main beaching gear on each side of the plane had a tow cable with a separate release cable that had a circular or half circle handle on it, as well as brake line, brake cylinder as well as a manual brake lever.  The center part of the beaching gear frame also had a very noticeable spring in the center of it for the tow release cable retraction. 


Here is a semi-good but still kinda crappy pic of what Im talking about.............hopefully its still legible:










KHM OOB shape to the beaching gear frames seams pretty accurate (at least more so than previous kits) so adding the required missing stuff, really doesnt seem like it would be too hard to add.  Simple really with some wire, and some plastic card.



My only real problem with the OOB beaching gear is the extra spindly nature of the tail gear, since the weight of the entire back half of the model rests on it, and any real bump to the model from the top will likely smash the tail gear down:





Im hoping at some point Ernie will make a set of his wonderful gear for the OS2U (but AFTER we get the !@#$*ing  OV-10 gear!!!) 

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