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That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

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Your camouflage paintwork looks very good to me. I like your weathering, as well. Mark's advice is perfect, layer your oil streaks - if you build it up that way it's not a one-shot deal: success or failure. It also gives you time to consider how it looks and whether to add more or not.


Looking at the photos the only thing I would suggest is toning down the werk nummer plate on the side of the cockpit. Decal manufacturers tend to make them too contrasty, but it's easy to take them down with a very thin coat of gray sprayed over.


This is an excellent build and admire your skills - would be proud to have it on my shelf!





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Thanks guys, but it is enough that you find it interesting ^_^



Andrus, yes I have noticed how the plate, and other decals, stand out. Regrettably they don't come with colours adjusted for scale effect :angry2:

and I don't know how fix that. 

I could spray a medium gray filter onto Decal sheets but then I would need to trim every Decal. Maybe, maybe i should try masks. 

Btw, the national insignias, compared to other markings, look a bit pale in photos. I am not sure why. Did they use other colours than black and white? That  would be against regulations. 


Today more work on the underside. I used Mig oils again. There is a "dried mud" colour i bought on a whim. The idea was to use it on my toons tiger, but it was useful here. 

It would be unrealistic with oil everywhere under the wings, but some dirt from the muddy airfields is a must. I applied a fair amount in the visible parts of the wheel Wells. 








The dust oil doesn't show up well on the matt aluminium so it need more work. Maybe I'll fix that with the ab tomorrow, using acrylics. 

Otoh it looks good on the wheels i think. 

I used the same oil to add foootprints on the wings. 




And finally a close up of the messy front. Hard to go wrong here on an bf109, but an earlier wash ate into the varnish without permission. Nothing to do about that now. 




My number one problem is to get smooth paint and Primer layers. I'll go get myself a bottle of Gunze levelling thinner. It's said to be the thing for achieving smoothness. 

I also plan to test the effect of tamiya retarder when using an ab. I think it is intended for brush but why not experiment a little? 


Thanks for looking! 

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