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Thanks everyone.


Dpogson, I think that the Airfix MkII is a matter of "when" rather than "if".


Mike, the exhausts are modified Hasegawa Spitfire exhausts with scratchbuilt "pipes". The "new" Spitfire I/II (Revell and Hasegawa) has the proper exhausts as well as DeHavilland prop, but when I started making this model, I did not have that kit, so I had to scratchbuild/modify the parts.


Wingman 777, if you mean the 2006 US Nats, I doubt it very much that I can make it, but you never know.



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This is going to be a very large update today, so please bear with me.

The Hurricane has been finished for the last few days. I have been waiting for better weather to take some photos but the weather was atrocious. It was a bit better this morning (it is turning again now) so I took these photos.


So, here it is - the finished Hurricane Mk1 "Yellow 1" of the 53rd Fighter Squadron, flown by Capitan Aviator Emil Georgescu, based in Mamaia, circa 1941.


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