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Crew in B17

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Part 2 of my Dio challenge starts.


Part 1 if you cast your mind back was my Meng ME 163. 




Part 2 is a "crew in" HK B17.


I really am making this up as I go along, and as I wanted to do a little figure painting off the bat, I started with the Bomb aimers position complete with bomb aimer and "gunner assistant" Nav. 


So the crew starts with the wonderful Master Details Bomb aimer figure. The nav is actually a 1/35 Czech Masters Blackhawk door gunner with one of the spare heads from the Master Details kit and a little milliput for the fur cuffs and collars.


Anyhow here's progress so far .






The front turret sight in the kit is ridiculously large. even after thining and some reduction it is still a little on the thick side and unfortunately covers the bomb aimers fizzog.


Next up the traditional starting point, the cockpit.  





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Nice start to the crew.  I used 10 Master details WWll Cold weather Pilot and

modified 9, missing the tail gunner.


 My "Flak-Kat"  shot her down and busted a whole bunch of scratch building out of the



  Keep up the good work :popcorn:  :beer:




Popcorn makes me Thirsty

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A little more progress with the cockpit. 


Onto the quilting I thought miliput was a bit thick and sticky for the job and it ruined the kitchen sieve  :help:  yep im in trouble. Anyhow, I was using a set of cutters when I saw the handle pattern .Bingo! 


Embossed kitchen foil and here are the results 






A little wash et voilla




chipping on the control pedestal 




and its starting to come together slowly. 


BTW the cockpit isnt finished! 

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 The hardest part was figuring out how in the world he positioned his body to work the sight, not many pics I could find besides a few

"Hollywood" shots.(worthless) Nav is also modified MD Cold Weather pilot.

Keep on Truck'n  with this and I hope you don't have a "​Flak-Kat" of your ownIMAG0589.jpg

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Been working on off and on the pilot and co pilot.


The co pilot is an interloper from the Tamiya Mosquito. 






I have used the kit panel and filled the lenses with pva for the clear look. with the crew in there is no real room to see all the cockpit details HK provide. I need to add the oxygen hoses then on to the bomb bay. 


Just realised how messy my work place is! 

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I have found quilted patterns in the plastic covers they make for window air conditioners, also, some plastic shower curtains have the pattern also.



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