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Shawn M

Bandai 1/24 N1K2 George

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whole lotta bench time over the weekend!




Started with the missing blukhead/frame for the pilots seat









once that was done I knew the spatial confines for the next console.

Lots of scratch building but I was able to modify and reuse some parts of the kit detail..granted very little









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then I shot it all in black








then a whole lotta greens were used...like 3 or 4









at this point my wife asked...."so this whole thing will be orange and green?"..she's not too far off but of course I said no there's a lot more to go!








thats where I left off.


Time to build out the seat belts and then start the fuse work so I can build a new IP

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Thank you everyone :)


RNoAF, good question. My brother in law got this one for me on Craigslist for $5, I would check Ebay as it is no longer in production.

Im pretty sure you can get the Hasegawa 1/32 version still.

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Started laying out the floor and firewall last night to determine locations for sidewall details and what will be seen.

I need to detail the back of the firewall since you can get a glimpse of it looking forward.


I got the "bungee cord" for the seat completed and will get the belts done too.

Added some gizmology to the black boxes in the cockpit and finished the weathering.


Pics soon.

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