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Have just PM'd Bob but the system says you're not receiving PM's - mail box full?? I was going to say that the Crewe Militaire website shows MDC attending this weekend but I assume that is incorrect? Thats a pity because I wanted to see if Bob might produce some nickel silver etch for 1/32 Martin Baker strap end fittings and strap adjusters? As far as I'm aware, no one does just fittings without etch belts? 

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So happy to see that P-47 cockpit back in print. It's FABULOUS.


Just saw William Wyler's "Thunderbolt." The planes even later in the war were:

  1. Older (more Razorbacks than Bubble Tops)
  2. More camouflaged (mostly OD, even the Bubble Tops)
  3. More matte than most models (I mean REALLY flat paint and even flat metal)

The print cries out for restoration (as does his "Memphis Belle"), but it's really good and shows some iconic aerial combat and CAS footage).

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