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MDC Web Store Open Again!


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Good - high quality stuff.


Always thought it odd that they kind of stopped selling, but then would sell but only via e-mail.



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Hi Guys,

Just to update you on all things MDC.

We shut the web store last year due to the volume of work we had, the store plus contract casting and a major housing project ( we bought a semi derelict pub to convert into a house) and closed our distribution agreements with the parties involved this included GSI Creos (Gunze Sangyo) and wings cockpit figures.

Now as light is being seen at the end of the tunnel, we have decided the web store should open again Using e-bay and e-mails were a bit inefficient. 

So we decided to open up the store again without any distributers just MDC products plus our range of sanders and with a bit of luck some new suff.

will keep you posted.



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Unfortunately we are not going to any shows as MDC but may do the odd show as a punter, nice to walk round and talk to people.

If you are near Jcn 29 of the M1 please call in but best to ring first.

All MDC products plus a stash and library reduction section.


Looking at concentrating on new products and promoting some of the newer stuff we produced but did not market properly plus some stuff we have had for a while and some people may not know about them.


Also on the cards to do a bit of modelling again :clap2:




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