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Korean war Skyraider FINISHED

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Cant seem to get away from the Korean war, so many interesting planes....

Started on the Trumpy skyraider, i really dig the dark blue paintsheme, hope i can do it justice



it will be an A4D based on the Valley Forge 1951



i will try to cobble the decals together and make some of them myself

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first, i adressed the prop blades. i know there are Harolds wonderful resin replacements, but funds are tight at the moment, so i will do some old-fashionned scratchbuilding

a pic of the real thing on the left, scaled to 1:32


the trumpy blades are too skinny


so i made a strategic cut down the middle


and inserted a sheet wedge


some putty


and after some sanding, primer and black, voilá


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Guest Peterpools

Terrific start on your Spad and some mighty nice work on rhe prop blades.

Keep 'em coming


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