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Hasegawa 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Fighter Model 52 Hei **New Mold&#3

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Hey Guys!


I saw this pop up for discussion over in the LSP Discussion forum.


We are still accepting orders for the Hasegawa 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Fighter Model 52 Hei at this time!




The issue with the Tamiya Mossie was with Tamiya itself and not the Yen or Japanese manufacturers in general.  We expect no problems with this kit!  Or any other kit from Hasegawa for that matter.


At this time the Hasegawa Zero is still scheduled to come into stock during the month of February, probably closer to the end of the month.


February 4th update; This items release has now been moved to March!


March 15th update; Looks like it has now been pushed back to April.


Once it does come into stock I'll see if I can run out to the warehouse and take some pictures to post here!


Thanks everyone!

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