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RAAF Bare-metal Kingfisher Finished!

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Here is the required box shot!
Yep another Kingfisher build, only I will be modelling an Aussie machine stationed in New South Wales in 1943/44.
The RAAF received 18 Kingfishers that were diverted from the Dutch order when Java was over-run by the Japanese in 1942,these aircraft were put to use patrolling the approaches to Sydney Harbour as well as providing training to prospective Catalina and Walrus crews.
Sometime in 1943 the decision was taken to remove the paint from all Kingfishers in an effort to improve performance, I have been wanting to have a go at a NMF aircraft so I thought I would try it with this kit, I don't intend to do the whole superdetailing thing but will add things that I feel really should be included.
To make a RAAF machine some modifications will need to be made; RAAF aircraft did not use the telescopic gun sight so this will need to be removed, the hole in the windshield filled and a ring and bead sight added.
The underwing bomb racks will be modified with sway braces as the RAAF modified these to carry large depth charges and there were modifications to the water rudder on the main float.

That's not an airplane!!!!
Photos of Aussie Kingfishers show them being launched/retrieved with tractors, I searched online and found a company called Farm models, they have dozens of tractors in 1/32 scale and from photos I guessed this 1938 Fordson fits the bill, The kit is really nice, white metal, brass and rubber tyres a proper scale model definitely not toy like

On to the build!
Like Brian experienced on his build my ignition ring fell to pieces even though I was super careful so I replaced it with some micro tube bent using my "Brass Assist" rolling device, I then drilled holes in the tube and engine cylinders and wired up the motor.
Here is the result after a coat of Mr Surfacer black.
I added the large springs that run down both sides of the pilots seat, Kittyhawk provide the mounting points though curiously no springs nor mention of them in the instructions, I wrapped fine wire around brass rod and mounted them with drops of CA, I also used fine wire to replicate the cable that was used to hoist the aircraft aboard ship, Kittyhawk provide both ends of the system but not the actual cable, strange.
After adding much of the interior parts I undercoated the interior with Mr Surfacer mahogony, then applied some shading with the Mr Surfacer black.
Same with the upper deck, only I gave the seat and floor sections a coat of allimunium in preparation for some hairspray chipping after the green goes on.
Next stages will be completing the subassemblies in preparation for sealing up the fuze...stay tuned

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Another update,

I applied Uschi powders to the motor and started detail painting, this high res photo is brutal! but it's starting to look ok



I shot a coat of Tamiyx X26 Deep Green on the interior parts after the previously painted aluminum bits were given a coat of hairspray, a stiff paintbrush dipped in water completed the chipping, it looks a little stark at this point but washes etc will tone it down nicely.






Of course there is lots of detail painting, washes etc to go, thanks all for the interest and kind words.




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So I needed a front windscreen without a hole as the RAAF Kingfishers used a ring and bead sight rather than the telescope supplied by KH.

So it was out with the pin-vice for a session of chain drilling



Followed by some careful filing



Having a spare set of canopy's for the Revell Ar196 as I had purchased the Hph replacement set gave me a good supply of clear, flat styrene that I could shape to fit the KH screen, I cut out a rough shape before carefully shaping it with files and sanding sticks to fit the aperture.

Once it fit I secured it with some Tamiya extra thin liquid cement.



The last photo isn't the greatest (sorry) but the fit really is good and once cleaned up and the framing painted shoud look good

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Coooooool!  This looks fantastic so far.  Now that Im finished with the kit, I would do some of the mods you have shown for my own model.



A bit too late now (not that you would want to wait anyway) but Ali from Alley Cat has indicated that he is currently working on an RAAF style "hole-less" resin windscreen for the KHM Kingfisher.    Not sure of expected date of release, but did see a post from him in one of the KHM OS2U threads.................just cant remember which off-hand. 

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