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A new project for me. I had the Trumpeter kit starring at me for years, and i was looking for a reason to not to. With release of a Mig-21 Lancer from Icaerodesign, it was just to much to resist.


This conversion looks very nice at the first sight, and i must say that it's even better when you start playing with, at least for the cockpit (i only started the cockpit so far). The fit is really excellent and it's a simple replacement of the kit parts. No surgery needed.


It's designed to build a Lancer C, the air to air version. There are also a strike version and a 2 seater A and B, with different camos, but i dont know which are the technical differences with the C version, nor if one can build a A with the C conversion. Anyway, the supplied decals/masks are for a C version.



So, let's start with the begining : the cockpit. I still have to paint it, but it's a drop fit. I also add a HAD KM-1 seat as the seat is not included in the conversion (nor the control stick). A control stick is supplied with the seat, but the end with the button is very different in the Lancer, so i will make one from scratch later.







All the parts waiting for a coat of primer. Yes there's also another cockpit for another project. :)



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Then, the engine. Out of the box, the inside of the exhaust looks quite plain, with absolutely no detail. In the real stuff, there is a kind of corrugated sheet burner can just aft the AB ring. I will just use a "petit-suisse" (a french kind of yogurt) packaging for this purpose.





Here it is :



And what it looks like inside the engine, with also a lot of ejector pin filling and sanding :






And now painted and finished :



And with the Icaero exhaust nozzle :




However, i had a problem. As the white green treatment inside the nozzle was a gloss paint, i then add a coat of matt varnish. But i dont know why but it then became full of tiny cracks. It's not very noticeable, but it's possible than i unglue and repaint it for that reason.

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Nice, I'm going to follow this because I've had a Trumpeter Mig-21MF in the stash for over a decade now and I'd like to pick up some pointers on how to proceed with certain areas (like the landing gear in general)...



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I have a whole stock of petit suisse packaging i put aside to improve the Matterhorn circle Atar 9K for the old Revell Mirage III E. In fact it's usesul for many other things !




I liiiiike "petit Suisse" the result inside the pipe is just so good ( as the "petit Suisse ) ..where did you get this resin set ??? 


I bought it ! :)


Seriously, just on the website : http://lcaerodesign.com


The owner is a member here. A few months ago, i bought him the Extra 330, and was very happy with it. So as i really like the Mig-21, the Romanian AF various schemes from WW2 to modern era and that this conversion looked very good and for a very good price, i did not hesitate.

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This cockpit looks really nice. :popcorn:


I had the idea of the petit suisse pot, but as I am not really a jet guy, I never took the time to try it. Good to see that it is working in a very convincing way. Well done Nicolas !



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Guest Peterpools


Nice start on the Mig .. super work on the inside of the burner can.

Keep 'em coming


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Nice pictures Martin !



I did not like the moulded details inside the main gear bays. So i scrapped them and added a few wires. It's not really accurate, but anyway the shape of the bays is not accurate either and i'm not skilled enough and too lazy to try building them correctly from scratch.

The best solution would have been the great undercarriage set from ResinArt, but i think the company dont exist anymore, and the set is a bit too much expensive ($33 from Hannants, more than 2/3 of how much i paid the kit) so i will live without it.





And with a coat of primer :


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