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Curtiss P-36A, 20th Pursuit Group


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Hi !




My last finished build. Like most of my last models, it has been started for a while, but was put aside to build something else.

So it's the Special Hobby P-36A Pearl Harbor defender kit, built OOB. I just corrected the gunsight, buidling from scratch a new correct gunsight + reflector, thanks to Waroff's informations. Same for the windscreen rods.

The painting was done with Alclad gloss black base thouroughly polished and then some AK interactive mixes, mostly based on polished aluminium. The decal set is from Yellow Wings, very nice set, but the decal quality (Microscale) was really not impressive. Nothing comparable with Microscale Cartograf (sorry for the typo !), Fantasy Print Shop or the Special Hobby printer (dont know who it is, but they are always very good !).

The colors on the engine cowling were painted as i was sure try to apply the decals here would have ended as a drama. It's the Group commanders aircraft, so it wears the colors of the 3 pursuit squadrons of 20th PG.

Nothing special to say about this build. It's not very easy as there are a lot of fit issues, especially as the fuselage is designed for 2 different engines, with different front parts, and it's a bit tricky to make all of this fitting correctly. But nothing impossible with a bit of CA, putty and sanding paper.


Here is a link to the WIP thread, if interested : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=57403?st=0



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This is just..... :wow:



Having built this kit, I know about the challenges, as well as some of the issues that you had to face. But, to see one in NMF, that looks this good, is moving. Impeccable construction, finish and detail work. Also, the natural, outdoor lighting really helps show off the finish in those photos. Great job, all around!



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Thanks a lot for the kind words !


Sometimes i was a bit hopeless with this one, but it was quite a pleasant build despite of all. Waroff was of great help with the huge amount of informations he posted during my build, allowing me to correct my mistakes little by little.

I still have a lot of P-36 in the stash and i dont even fear to buy another USAAC P-36A. Now that i know the kit better, i hope it would be easier and faster next time.

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