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1/32nd scale Avro Shackleton - scratchbuild project


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Now we're settled into our new home the Shackleton has made its way down from the loft and is back in the bench.


Nothing worthy of a photographic update as of yet, but with a bit more spare time in the evenings now, hopefully I'll have something to show you soon.


And thanks for the best wishes and kind thoughts regarding our move - much appreciated.



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Evening all...


It's been a while since I did any work on the big Shackleton, so thought I'd drag it out again and have a crack at the outer sections of the wings.


As those who have been following this build will know, I've been able to utilise parts from the ID Models 1/32nd scale Lancaster due to the similarity between the two airframes. This is true of the wings, and with the tips aside, the Lancaster and Shackleton wing were very similar.


I began by removing the Lancaster wings from their backing sheets and giving them a quick once over with some sandpaper. I then set about removing the fuel pump fairings (two on the lower surfaces of each wing), the flaps (which were considerably larger on the Shackleton) as well as the ailerons (which again are larger on the Shackleton.) I also removed the tips of the wings as new, longer and extended wing tips were fitted to the Shackleton (these were actually carried through from the Lincoln.)




Both lower wing surfaces were soon prepared:




The upper surfaces were more straightforward, with only the wing tips and the revised aileron shapes needing to be cut out:




I then used my plans to make the basic shape of the wing tip extensions seen on the Shackleton from 1.5mm plastic card:




And this gives some idea of the new wing form:




Obviously there's still a huge amount of work needed in these sections, but it's a start. Hopefully, with me now being on school holidays, I may be able to get a bit more done.


Until next time,



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Thanks for the interest, folks. It's good to have the Shackleton back on the bench default_smile.png


Apologies for the poor quality photography - I've just used my camera phone to take some quick 'in progress' pictures of how the outer wing sections are progressing so far.


The Lancaster wings are made from fairly thin and flexible vacuformed plastic, so I initially 'double skinned' them with 0.25mm plastic card to give it a little more rigidity. I then set about making spars from 1mm plastic card which run the length of the wing for additional strength. I also boxed in the flap apertures whilst doing this. The hard part was getting the first spar to the correct dimensions, but once one side had been made it was simply a case of flipping it over and cutting out a mirror image for the other wing. 


The extended wing tips were then mated to the spars and the wing itself, and then the aileron apertures were also boxed in as I did with the flaps. The centre spar was then extended along the extension, allowing for the narrowing of the wing as it nears the tip:






On the lower surfaces, I've also started skinning the new tip extensions. I think the forward section may well have to be built up with filler or plastic card planks to follow the steeper aerofoil shape of the wing leading edges. The tip looks a bit rough at the moment from the plastic card laminates, but these will be sanded to the aerofoil shape in due course:




Here's the lower wing sections in their entirety as they currently stand:




And the upper sides with the Lancaster parts slipped over the spars:




And a quick 'size reality' check - here's the Revell 1/72nd scale Shackleton AEW2 that I'm playing with along side one of the wing sections. And remember,  this is just the outer wing outboard of the inner engines! It's going to be huge!




My next task is going to be strengthening of the leading edges, making some attachment spars to enable a strong join to the inner wing sections, and then I'll be able to glue the top and lower wing halves together before continuing the skinning of the wing tip extensions.


Plenty to keep me busy...



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Morning all,


Last time I updated you I showed you how I was modifying the Lancaster wing, sparring it all to keep it nice and strong as well as extending the wing tips:




There's been a bit of progress since then, with the top and bottom halves now being joined, as well as the tip extensions being more or less done, bar a few blemishes to sort.


The rear skins of the new tips could be skinned with plastic card laminates, and when dry were sanded to an aerofoil shape. The forward, leading edge sections were more difficult, with the more pronounced aerofoil shape needing to be replicated. I did plan to use my trusty plastic card plank method, but when rummaging in the spares box I found some spare 1/32nd scale Revell Beaufighter stabilisers, which when re-shaped slightly and cut down, fitted the tips perfectly. The remaining gap was then plugged with more plastic card and skimmed with P38, which allowed me to blend the contours of the new wing seamlessly:




The new wing now captures the shape of the outer Shackleton wing reasonably well to my eye:




The spar stubs have been positioned to interlock with the inner wing section when the two are joined:




The only real challenge of this whole process was a very warped trailing edge to the Lancaster kit parts on the upper port wing. Despite hot water treatment and lots of bending and clamping, it just wouldn't straighten out. The only option was to remove the section and replace it with some new plastic card sheet:




A few blemishes to sort and some final sanding here and there, but I can soon think about mating these to the inner wing sections:




So, until next time,



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