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Post Apocalyptic OV-10A Bronco

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Guest DeanKB

That Pepsi patch - how the hell did you do that!?


It looks amazing, just like a sign that's rusted and been stuck on a wing of an aeroplane.

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Oh man, this build is absolutely incredible.  Have no idea how you managed such an exceptional build.



Can I ask how you did the Pepsi logo on the wing? Was it painted on, or a decal of some sort?  It looks perfect





Matt  :frantic:

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Hi chaps, here's the next update.


Painting, the best bit!


The whole thing was under coated with Alclad Duralumin before a sealing coat of matt varnish then a few coats of Ammo of Mig Scratch Effects chipping fluid.  I decided to do the tail plane in SEA camo so this was sprayed free hand using GSI Creos.  Note, no pre shading (a hateful bloody procedure) and only a little post shading.  I always try to keep things as realistic as possible!




Using a load of tap water and a soft (ish) brush, the area was chipped to buggery!






The drop tank had the same treatment.








Now for the tail.  I had previously undercoated the relevant areas white and the "male" portion of the tail marking was applied in place followed by a coat o that Duralumin.  Varnish and Scratch Effects fluid were applied before the top coat of red (GSI Creos and Tamiya).  The nerve wracking bit was the freehand black border, this was to increase the contrast of the marking against the background!




The red was chipped as before.




Its always satisfying removing masks.  Here's the finished result, badass or what!



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With a large aeroplane, I find it easier to work in sections so with this job I started on the fuselage.  The black wasn't really black, it was a mix of black, blue and deck tan.





This Ammo of Mig Scratch Effects is ace.




Wings were next and had the same treatment.  Note the masks for the skulls were already in place.  I had to cut the one covered with the plastic card panel.  The black was tinted with different levels of tan and blue, some areas had neat black.  I tried to keep it patchy and worn rather than a random squiggle or other effect.






Yet more chipping.  Note how the raised bits of my home made rivets get caught thus accentuating them.








That's just the tail booms to go.




Base coat complete.  Very cool, its all coming together.




Edited by Haggis

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Now for that Pepsi logo.  The plastic card was masked off then a base coat of Mr. Paint Basic White was applied.  This is very tough satin coat which will be an ideal base for what comes next.




The awesome Miracle masks was carefully placed on and the red portion removed.  Using Mr. Paint again the red was built up but I was careful to leave it faded and random.




Next the red was masked being careful top cover any joins (otherwise there is a risk of hair line over spray).  The blue was sprayed on, again with mr paint but mixed using Gloss Sea Blue and White until it looked right by eye.




And here is that finished logo.






Now for the weathering.  Chipping was done using various sponges and Ammo of Mig Chipping Colour acrylic.




Once again turning to Ammo of Mig, I used Track Wask to accentuate the riveting and simulate some old rust staining, concentrating on the heaviest chipping.




In some areas the track wash was streaked back using a flat brush.




Tiny amounts of Rust coloured oils (Abteilung) were blended into the heaviest chipping.




And here it is all finished after a coat of matt varnish to seal it all in.



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Next up was the steel plates, there are a number on the aircraft blanking off the undercarriage and here, on the wing as another patch.


First off a coat of Alclad Steel.




Matt varnish helps to seal it in but also helps to create finer chipping.  So after a coat of chipping fluid Tamiya red Brown was sprayed on in a fairly opaque coat.




This was chipped as before.




After sealing with Matt Varnish, an orange tone (Tamiya) was applied.  This was less opaque, note the straight edge created using a piece of paper as a mask.  This simulates rust and where the plates were stacked up in the yard!




As the Pepsi logo, a wash using Ammo of Mig Track Wash was blended.




Lastly a mix of the Track Wash, various rust pigments and oil paints was speckled" onto the model.




As subtle panel line was was next.  I used mixed tones from the Ammo of Mig PLW range.




I find that if you wipe away the excess then you can wipe it right out of the detail, even when fully dry but especially if the detail is relatively faint.  For that reason I prefer to clean the excess with a brush moistened in thinner.



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Next on the list was the dust effects.  I went for a layered approach here and built up the effect using different techniques.


First up was a base coat using tamiya acrylics but over a coat of the ever useful Scratch Effects chipping fluid.




This was chipped in the usual way but be careful as the paint is only a misty thin coat.




The next layer was a thin coat of Ammo of Mig Kursk Soil Nature Effects, this is like a thick wash and its sprayed with the airbrush.




Being enamel it can be blended and streaked, here on the fuselage simulated rain effects.






Now for the big guns, pigments!  Various tones were applied using a soft brush.




These are then fixed in place with white spirit.  The beauty of this is that you can still manipulate them wheras Pigment Fixer is a lot stronger.  Here I'm doing a bit of blending with a soft brush.




The tail gets similar treatment as with the modified undercarriage it sits nose high and the back end gets quite close to the deck, plus its in the prop wash! (Note the 5F marking on the top of the tail, this was sprayed on again using the masking set).



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The wheels come from a resin set by Live Resin for the Humvee.  The tread is beautifully cast which is ideal for what I have planned!  First off after priming they got a coat of Ammo of Mig Rubber Tyres acrylic.




A wash was made up using pigments and white spirit, this was then liberally applied making sure I got into all the recesses, especially the tread.




When dry it looks a right mess!




However, one of the best blending tools is the Mk 1 digit!



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I found the PW 2800s really tedious, I tried counting how many parts there were but I gave up!  After a bath in the sonic cleaner the big bits were removed from the casting blocks and all had a coat with Aclad Black Primer.  The cylinders were then dry brushed with Mr Metal Steel.




The rocker covers were touched in with Ammo of Mig Black acrylic.




The casing had a coat of grey (I forget which) from GSI Creos.




When built up a grimy wash using Ammo of Mig Engine Grime and Fresh Engine and Fuel effects was applied.  Here I've done one so you can see the difference.




The holes were drilled out so some cotton covered wire (from little cars) was glued in place.  Cotton covered wire is great as it captures the texture of the ignition leads whilst being really easy to paint, in this case with Vallejo Hull Red.




And here is the finished result.  A right pain but well worth it in the end.



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The Live Resin mini gun was made up, painted with Matt Black then dry brushed with Gun metal pigment.




As well as a spare wheel (weathered similarly to the undercarriage but authentically for a spare) I made up one of the WMIK spare rims.




And here's the gun in it's mounting.  In this photo you can see the jerry can set up, the shovel is further forward!  The spare wheels are on the other side.




This little bloke was rather fun.  It required a bit of clean up and I drilled out the eye sockets to make it look more realistic, It was primed in black then Mr Hobby Basic White misted on creating shadows.  The horns ere painted with Vallejo and Ammo of Mig acrylics and it was finished off with a wash using the excellent new hogwash from Alclad.  The finishing touch was the rivet and plate from plastic card and a bit of rust from the steel pin.



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The oil drums were next up (Voyager resin jobs).  Again I relied heavily on the Scratch Effects and Matt Varnish between each layer.


Base coat was Alclad Steel (after a black primer coat).




Next layer, Red Brown from Tamiya in an opaque coat.




Chipping is very therapeutic...




Next up a blue grey layer, this was chipped as well obviously.




Now rust, Tamiya mixed to an orange tone was next.




Then a wash using Ammo of Mig Track Wash helps lift the detail.






Last up small amounts of rust pigments were applied dry and worked into the surface.



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Now for the yellow one!


Yep, you guessed it, matt varnish, Scratch Effects the Tamiya paint.




Followed by water and a brush, after 5 minutes you get this!




A wash with Ammo of Mig Streaking Grime came next.




And then lastly to finish off, Ammo of Mig Fresh Oil and Fuel Effects was streaked on.



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