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Tamiya Spitfire Mk XVIe, Steps 47-51. Engine, firewall and frame.

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Thanks Ray. A Corvette sounds a bit more heroic than a Mazda. I got the chance to sit in one of the newer Corvettes at a recent car show. An amzing bit of kit. 7.0litre engine and HUD which the owner kindly showed me working. Very trick. I hope you will share some images of your 'Vette in the general forum some time.


Well, life has conspired against me in my bid to complete this GB. I'd hoped that by sticking largely to an OOTB format I might have had the time but alas, not this time.

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to comment, support and encourage me along the way and can only apologise to those who managed to complete their projects. Sorry I could n't add my Spitfire to all of your superb efforts.


When work slows a little and I can get back to the bench I will finish my tribute to Edgar. Until then, cheers.

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