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1/32 Matchbox/Revell kitbashery Westland P.12 Wendover

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Tiny update involving tiny parts. More work on the seat. And there's actually more kit parts I can use! 


Oh, and modern kit makers; Take note! TINY SPRUE GATES! IT CAN BE DONE! WITH 70S TECHNOLOGY!! (I'm looking at you, Airfix...)

Tiny seat adjuster jack, made from some scrap styrene and a kit part. The thread on the big wormscrew is done with some lead wire.

It looks pretty good, all together like this. And some paint will do wonders.

I added a handle for the brakes and some wire, and with paint it looks the bussiness. Still needs some weathering and a matt coat and than it's another job done.


More soooon!


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Seat weathered and washed.[/size]20160209_214932_zpsovzpb7fl.jpg[/size]That is all. [/size]...[/size]What are you still doing here?[/size]SHOO!![/size]Oh well...[/size]"More soooon!"[/size]*sigh*[/size]Slavedrivers....[/size]Rob[/size]

Yes Rob, slavedrivers indeed :) can't you hear the whip ?



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That seat's a model unto itself fit for entry in any miscellaneous comp category !   You're certainly going the extra mile with this conversion.  Bravo !

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