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Revell 1:144 767 - Delta Airlines

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The other problem is that not a single airliner kit I've ever seen (and I've owned just about every one ever made at some point) has the windows molded in the correct size, shape, and especially proper spacing.  Some are better than others, but most are pretty bad.  Window decals (at least the ones I draw) are done from manufacturer specs, with the correct size, shape, and spacing for the specific type of aircraft they're designed for.

There's an ongoing debate over the "best" kind of airliner window decals - the plain dark grey, or the "realistic" ones with passengers and window shades visible.  I'm very much in the former camp, but lots of people like the latter style.  Just a matter of preference.

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Just for giggles, I thought I’d take a few snaps of the 1:100 767 kit to compare with my 1:144 version. The difference is really quite substantial, especially when one takes into consideration that the 1:100 kit represents a -200, which is considerably shorter than the -300 that the 1:144 kit represents. To build the big Doyusha kit as a -300, would be huge, but totally cool too.


Unfortunately, the 1:100 kit is no longer mine, as I gave it away in a moment of weakness (and have regretted it ever since), but my pal let me borrow it to take these snaps.


My 1:100 L-1011 is virtually the same size as this monster, and I’ll be keeping it, no matter what.






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Work continues (albeit at a snail's pace), on this model, now re-scribing some panel lines that were lost during the cleanup process. I’m hoping to have primer on it by this weekend, and that’s bound to show all of the botched areas that I’m currently unaware of.



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