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Revell 1:144 767 - Delta Airlines

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As has become an annual tradition with me, I always try to start a brand new kit on December 31st, the last of the old and the first of the new, as it were. To that end, I was gifted with this nifty Revell AG 767 airliner model a couple of weeks ago, which I will begin tonight. Later, we'll begin our annual pig fest, this years menu being boiled shrimp, meatballs and small sausages in BBQ sauce, three different cheeses, chips and crackers, all washed down with some ice cold Fitz's root beer, a local favorite.



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Markings will be Delta Airlines, as that's what I have (though I like several other liveries), with window decals by ATP, though I may order some nifty Nazca decals for the windows, as they're more “interestingâ€. I may (or may not) cover the bottom with Bare-Metal foil, then spray some metalizers to try and give the impression of raw aluminum.



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Fuselage got all taped up after gluing major seams. It looks like there's a groove in the seam, because there is. I usually bevel one surface to assist with gluing and provide a shallow V shaped trench to ensure a 100% complete putty filling job.



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Yeah, good work so far. And fast, too!




I didn't spare the horsepower last night, that's for sure. I did chop off the two blade antennas and beacon though, no sense sanding around those.


I'm looking forwards to how you get on with this one Kevin, should be a cracking' kit.  


Interested to see how you go about filling all those window holes up.




Lots of Putty, Dan. Actually it's not too bad, and the Tamiya white does a pretty good job of it.

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