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Revell Seafire Mk 1B

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Thank you for the reply about "JOY"... I actually would love movies like that..


Anyhoo thank you.


Good to see you think laterally about your build and look forward to seeing more ... time is of the essence right..


Good luck.. :thumbsup:





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Hi folks,


Apologies re lack of progress, I'm the chief poobar for the organising committee of our biennial national model railway convention held over Easter weekend and have had to commit a little bit more time than I'd like to this but was comfortable that with the Jun deadline if things didn't line up before Easter I'd have time to complete the model after that and that's where I'm at presently.


I'm unlikely to complete anything this week but with the first weekend since the New Year where we're not hosting people, working or driving up country to pick up or drop off our son's grandpuppy while he and his partner are on holiday then I'll make a special effort to glue something. By the by a grand puppy is what you have when one has no grand kids so our kids pets become grand 'somethings' when you have to look after the being the closet thing one can spoil this of course is according to the boss (read the wife)!


Will update later in the week, take care...




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Yeah, modelling at the "speed of life" as Kev likes to say.


Hope the model rail show is successful and goes off without a hitch. See you when you get back to your Seafire Brent.



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Hello Brent,


So any more updates on your lovely build..


just dropped by in case I missed anything. :popcorn: :mental:


Hope you are not working too hard and able to do some bench work..


Good luck anyhow. :popcorn:

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