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1/32 Tamiya Big Beautiful Doll, ready to fly.

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Long overdue posting here, apologies, but finally took a few final pictures.  Also put BBD up on the stand as well.  This is my first large-scale build having built almost exclusively in 1/48 and starting with the Tamiya P-51D was quite a treat.


This is not quite an OOB build, using some Photoetch from Eduard in the engine compartment (and conveniently covered up, UGH!) and the cockpit (ditto - using the pilot figure was probably not my brightest idea ever).  The HGW Seatbelts were not easy to get together - for me anyway - but really look good in this scale compared to the nightmare they were in 1/48!.  The decals are a combination of Zotz checkers for the nose, Big Beautiful Doll and the wingtips checkers are from Eagle Cal and the rest from the kit itself.


The paints are mostly acrylics - Tamiya TS-12 on the fuselage for example and Model Master, and the exhaust area is Model Master Metalizer.  I have a lot of bottles of it from a long time ago, but it seems to keep well and I recently figured out a new venting system for my paint booth so I can actually paint with the aromatic metalizers and enamels now without smelling up the house.


If you followed along the build thread you know about the issues with the nose checkers and other fun I had with this terrific kit.  







Apologies - I am totally off on the white balance - I'll have to reshoot.




The nose is two decals - the Zotz decals fit the Tamiya nose nearly perfectly.  The nose cone/prop assembly is not overly tight so does pull away some from the fuselage.






The Zotz decals require a white band to be painted around the first row of checkers, careful matching the white.





I don't usually have the plane mounted on the stand, and I'm not entirely thrilled with the fit of the panel that replaces the landing gear, but BBD does look good in flight.  





As much detail as went into the engine bay, unless you take off all the panels much of it is hidden.  I didn't super detail the topside of the engine and now regretting it.  Also seeing that I'll need to be doing some weathering around the exhaust stacks.



But one of my favorite items in the kit really are the figures.  I love the pilot, and hope to do a mini-diorama sometime.



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Very nice build, and it's great to see one with a pilot added - Really looks good on the stand, you've inspired me to build another one (with a pilot this time)


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