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Hasegawa Bf 109 G-6/AS, "Red 2" 1./NJGr. 10


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I lost interest to continue my Revell Fw 190 built and to not lose my modeling mojo altogether, I decided to build another Bf 109.

In the end this model should represent a Bf 109 G-6/AS in the colours of Friedrich-Karl Müller from Nachtjagdgruppe 10. Inspiration for this built comes from the blog FalkeEins (http://falkeeins.blogspot.de/2012/08/hans-dittes-ex-hispano-bf-109-g-10.html) and the corresponding very good colour profile from Mr. Hjortsberg.
As there is no specific G-6/AS available I try to convert the Hasegawa G-10. I started with the G-10 cockpit set from aires, replacing the Revi with a Quickboost one for an older version. The cockpit set is marketed for the G-10, but I got the impression that Aires just recycled the regular G-6-set, using the old sidewalls that doesn't really fit to the kit parts:
Accordingly I had to cut and sand a lot to make the sidewalls fit. I used Gunze RLM 66, details painted by brush, wash with oils, gloss-coat and some Airscale placards:
Those Eduard, HGW and Radu - seatbelts with their small buckles are quite fiddly and usually assembling them drives me crazy... This time I tried an alternative, the plastic-seatbelts from FineMolds:
Colors from Tamiya and Gunze:
The instrument board from Aires is made from clear resin with an acetate-film in the back:
I stole some techniques from the armor-modellers to weather the cockpit floor. clockwise: MiG-Wash (earth), using a large brush to flip some pigments on, using the airbrush to remove some pigments, then more removing using a brush and finally a flat coat:
Joining the fuselage halves. Shoulder harnesses will be added at the end:
Thats it for now. Thanks for watching.
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Thanks for the feedback!

Started to rivet the surfaces with the tool from RB-Productions:
Some details will be added to the bottom of the plane. The shell ejection fairings will be opened and parts from MDC should provide decent depth:
Opened the panel:
Joining the MDC-parts:
Drilled open the marked areas and added some small hypodermic needles. I actually don't know what these openings are good for on the real aircraft. Drainage? Maybe someone could help me here...
The result:
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Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

The kit is the Hasegawa G-10, but in the end it should represent a G-6/AS so I have to change some details. Red markings on the areas that need to be filled or sanded. And I need a new rudder, as this one is of the wrong shape:
Oil tank filler hatch will be moved to a lower position. A part from Eduard is used as a template:
After scribing the circle, I used another part from Eduard as a template:
The result on the left, after that a lot of Tamina extra thin to smooth the edges and a pass with a finger nail polisher:
Cut out the rudder:
Filled the gaps with styrene sheet:
New rudder from a Revell Bf 109 G-10 as it provides different versions:
Mass balance is too thin, beefed up with styrene. Hinges made of resin leftovers:
It fits close enough:
The tail will be filled with CA and smoothed. Next up the gear wells...
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Thanks for the advice Filippo! I added the seam.


There had been no progress for some time. I've lost my motivation because of the always recurring putty, sand, engrave-cycle. I hate that kind of work!

Whatever. I did get some work done. Gear wells in its original status:
Opened up some holes and attached fabric-imitation from Eduard. Cut out the small radiator-flaps:
Added copper-wire and abused the MG151 barrels from the box:
The result:

Added some detail to the drop tank rack. Initially I wanted to use the ETC fairing from MDC (upper right corner), but thought that the openings are a bit too large. Deicided to use the fairing from the Revell 109 G-6 instead. Holes opened up and thinned. Attached the revell sway braces to the MDC-rack.
The drop tank itself is from Revell too. Added fuel piping from syringe needles.
Glue. putty, sanding, engraving, repeat...
Horizontal tails. The Hasegawa parts are meant for the K-4 and have some fairings on the leading edge that don't belong there if I want to build a G-6/AS. So sanding (!), engraving and some rivets added.
Radiator flaps added from Eduard. Syringe needles to imitate the actuators (unfortunately not very symmetrical):24540785671_a261448abe_b.jpg
Overview of some current areas needing improvement.
Added the wing bulges, sanding required below. Opened up the backmost exhaust stub only. The others will not be seen when the night anti-dazzle shades will be attached. Turbocharger inlet glued together, the inside puttied and sanded. The oil-cooler fairing ist from Barracuda. Fit is not that good as the part was made for the Revell 109 G-6. The Hasegawa G-10 has a different cowling cross-section. Added lots of Mr. Surfacer. Next steps: sanding, putty, etc.


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Thanks for the reply, Mark.


Masks (Montex), painted the inside of the windshield and glued it to the fuselage.
Tried to imitate the windscreen washer with some wire:
Attached some fotoetch leftovers:
Wings and other parts added to the fuselage. After that a coat of Mr. Surfacer 1500 straight from the spray can:
Last but not least I started painting, my favourite part of this hobby. Mr. Color RLM 76. 
So long,
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