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So a rather big box arrived today from Luckymodel. The son always assists me with unpacking duties and then it was straight to the workshop to start on the Mirage. Having constructed the Revell Mirage a little while ago, naturally I was keen to see how much has changed in the way kits are manufactured in 40 or so years.




I will be building this model alongside my A-4 Skyhawk and intend on building it straight from the box. Like my Starfighter from Italeri, I did not add anything to that model and despite the rather dire reviews that it received, it turned out OK. I reckon I can do the same with this model. I have chosen the SAAF version, as my young fella is half South African (a SOZZIE) and his mother nags me to build something from her country of origin.


I have been quite impressed with how detailed the kit is during the build so far and have managed to get some work done on it today.


First up is the gear bays. Apart from a few small hydraulic lines, there is not much more that would be required in this area.




The nose gear bay which I have mostly glued together as I intend on painting it before fixing the other side. Pretty happy with the detail here.




An issue that I have identified so far is that there is no instrument detail, nor a decal to depict it. I will be looking to Airscale to fill the void here. I have painted the cockpit parts Tamiya Nato black. With careful detail painting, they will come up very nice.










Here is the surface texture that everybody has been talking about. It is a little grainy, but it is certainly nothing that wont disappear under a coat of primer follwed by a going over with some fine grit sandpaper. I have been particularly impressed by the finely engraved lines and the nicely depicted vents and grilles.



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Wow! That is so much better than the Revell/matchbox kit! (I would have used another term but probably not correct on this forum!)





To be fair, the Revell kit is something like 40 years old, and not bad for the time it was released.


I can't wait to get mine from LM. I've got two on the slow boat to get the $2 shipping, and one coming the normal way.


Edit: just checked my tracking, and the one arrives today. Sweet!

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