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House of the Flying Daggers! Mirage Double Feature Italeri/Revell

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Welcome! Come in and take a seat in the House of Flying Daggers!



This will be a double build featuring Revells Mirage IIIE kit and Italeris Mirage IIIC kit together in Argentinian colours. Not to forget a good amount of AM parts!


The Revell IIIE will be build as a Dagger in service during the Falklands war. Isracasts conversion to the rescue.


The Italeri IIIC will be build as a homeland defender. Argentinia didn't use IIICs? Well, they did! They aquired a batch of CJ from Israel to replace the losses of the Falklands war. These CJs were modernized during IAF service life and got Atar 9C angines and Mk.6 ejection seats. So a Eagle Deseigns Mirage III/5 Atar set will be put into use, as well as parts from Fisher Resins cockpit set.


Lets see what we have in the stash:





The "blue" Revell kit has gone, but I have a "green" Revell at hand. Still waiting for Italeris kit, that should arrive within the next week. Also added some more useful stuff for the project.



Here is what I need to build the Dagger:




Kit, conversion set, some more decals (just in case, and for the other airplane too), reference book, brand new paintset for Falklands war, and a pilot. Of course I need a pilot! It's a flying Dagger!


Started to cut styrene and to dry fit resin parts. This is intended to be a long-term project, to be finished at Easter next year.



So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and take care of the Flying Daggers!



- dutik

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BTW, the Dagger will be bord number C-410, flown by Major Puga. He was shot down over the sea, but survived and made it home ashore by swimming for 6 hours.


AFAIK his mount showed regular camo with "greened out" yellow identification markings, aka turqoise bands. If someone is able to provide some more informations or a photograph of that particular aircraft? I had some sessions staring at grainy photos of that war (there is a lot online available from South american contributors) but it was impossible to me to read the board numbers of any aircraft except the one close to the camera. Well, it were the Seventies, amateur photos made before the digital age. Any help would be very welcome!



- dutik

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Glued the first parts and started engraving the wing:




Faced a problem: I have no scribing template for rectangular covers with rounded corners. Will work on other details until I've got some funds to order the needed template.



- dutik

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Mixed news for today:


The good one

Italeris kit has arrived. Wonderful. Should be fun to build.



The bad one

Eric Galliers is in the field. He started an Italeri IIIC build. You now his Revell IIIE build of an Oz Airforce plane? He is high above me. I am just a mere mortal, unworthy to stay in his face.



The ugly one

With Eric entering the stage my project is dead in the water. A mere mortal is not able to compete with the modelling God. This is the End.



Sorry, guys, this show is over now!


Thank you for your visit!

Please exit to the right. Don't forget your coats and cellphones.


Good bye and have a nice evening!

The House of the Flying Daggers will be closed now.



- dutik

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Hey, it's not!  :DodgeBall:



Eric is a far superior modeller than I am (Heck, casting resin replacements and selling them? How professional is this?!)



But I am a licenced Ninja :ninja:




Where I can`t competete face to face with the modelling Gods I use dirty tricks :lol:

Even President Putin has learned from me one trick or another;

modellingwise :rofl:


So: Stay tuned and


Expect the unexpected! :wicked:



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