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paul fisher

Meteor T.7 two seater on the way

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Glad to see there will be a NF11 conversion !

This T.7 looks absolutely gorgeous, but I dont think i'll take it at the moment, i'd rather save up for the night fighter. I love it, and there are so many great schemes, i dont even know which one i'd make ! (french? syrian? israeli?)


However, i found this weird picture. Does anyone know what is this huge thing protruding from the radom?


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Lol, it's far below the prone meteor for ugly ! None can beat this one !



You may be right for the missile seaker testbed, but i think i've found several different french Meteor with the same strange tube on the nose.


I've also found an interesting british version (only one existed i think) with a conical nose which was a testbed for the Tornado radar if i remember correctly.

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Thank you sir! Glad to be here - I'd actually forgotten that I'd signed on here in 2010, and have only just got around to actually posting.

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