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Smallest chopper of the world - Heliofly III

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First in!


Well, I take part with the smalles chopper of the world, that made it actually into the air (and for the pilot safe back to the ground, of course). This is the Baumgärtel Heliofly III/59.


Kit provided by Unicraft from Ukraina.



This will be a 3-stage project:


1. Looking for the kit!

Well, I have one in the stash, but it is so small, and I stored it inside another kits box to save some storage space. So this might become the true challenge :whistle:


2. Figure painting!

OK, the crew is definitly the larger part of this project, isn't it? :coolio:


3. Meet the deadline!

Oh well, I am notorious for missing this point... :deadhorse:




- dutik

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Got the much needed replacement head and some more bodyparts:




Well, now I have the pilot, but I am still looking for the helo kit. Stash digging of the finest... Still digging.



At least I found some other lost parts. F. e. Jerry Rutmans prop blade set for my (stalled) F4U-4 Corsair build. Nice.



- dutik

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Yeah! Gotcha!




Found this inside Trumpies Mig-3 Box. Large box, small airplan, lot of empty space to store some more kits :thumbsup:



If you've never heared about Unicraft:


Prototypical cottage industries from Ukraine. Resin is brittle, casting awful (bubbles, bubbles rule the world). Large pour stubs, mediocre fit, uneven surfaces, no decals, and loooooong waiting time (months...) for delivery. Except you pay a fee for quick delivery...



Wait, what? Waiting time for that crap? Fee for quick delivery? Are you silly? Why throw money at this?



Simple answer: These kits are the only game in town, if some stuff is a "must have" to you. You get it there or nowhere :punk:



So here we are: The kit, the instructions, the box in all their glory :speak_cool:


Not a lot of parts. Cleaning, building, painting are the main tasks. And to try to break off nothing :whistle:




- dutik

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I have never heard of this little , unique helicopter and looks quite interesting ; and looking forward to this unusual helo and figure you have chosen to do. :thumbsup:


I always learn and see something fascinating and different on LSP.. .. :coolio:


dutik  WAY TO GO... :punk:

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Before I started the work I mustered my reference books:








The figure is not as bad as expected. After removing the "fishskin", the mold seams and some overpour "pearls" it looked nice. Especially the face is well molded:





No, that is not a "first nations" feather headgear, this is the pour plug. Only the shoes left something to be desired, so I cut them off and will replace them with the shown Verlinden items. I also want to replace the arms.

The "chopper" gear is ok except a large bubble at the top (center, pointing downwards in the image). The rotos blades a long and brittle. Prone to breaking... I shall try to build another set from steel wire and styrene.


Thats it at the moment.

- dutik

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