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What if the "Red Baron" survived WW-1 ? : FINISHED.

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Hi all,


This topic gave me a great idea.  I replied : "what if the Red Baron survived WW-1 ? "




Well...why don't I do the WW-2 Red Baron !. 


It has to be a single-seat fighter. I could  do the Me 262, Me 109 or Fw 190  :hmmm:


There's the IPMS-Belgium convention soon.I will find a kit to build.



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What a great idea!

Why not paint W2 Cherman aircraft as if they were being flown by the old German aces of WW1?

What a colorful bunch of airplane models that would be!

Or WW2 US aircraft as if being flown by American aces, like Rickenbacker. Plain overall OD is pretty dull. The geriatric squadron!

Cannot do much with the Brits though. Their WW2 colors were much improved over their dull one color fits all scheme of WW1.

Lets see, Goering had all white aircraft in War 1, but we would have to greatly enlarge the cockpit for his WW2 era bulk. A Fw-190 with a bulge in the middle for his fat butt.

WNW  has lots of great decal sheets and we can use up some of those early Revell kits of the Fw-190 and Me-109s that are lying around. Why not fun projects like this?


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It's my idea to paint the plane overall red.How else would he be know as the "Red Baron" again ?


As WW-1 ace,he was also given the permission to use the WW-1 style crosses by the Fuhrer !!  :o


He would have been 47 at the start of WW-2. But what if he joined the new Luftwaffe in 1935 and flew the Heinkel 100 ?


Unfortunately the Hobby Boss kit is priced at 57 Euros in Belgium.A bit much for me.




Maybe an early mark Me 109. :hmmm:


But if he lived during the whole of WW-2 then I could build the Me 262 too.

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I have an unbuilt Revell Me-110 I cannot sell because some nincompoop dribbled tube glue over the fuselage and tail and wings while they were still on the sprues.. Some people should have their hands slapped and given toy balloons instead.

OK, So what Hun 2 place plane from WW1 can I use that has a a wild color scheme? I can 't use the extra decals from the WNW twin engine kits as they are bombers and the Zerstorer was a fighter, so to speak.  I could put it on floats and then use that great WW1 naval hexagon scheme I can get from the WNW Hamberger kits.. I can use the floats from one of the 1/24 beaver kits. That should do it. And I can use one of my pair of 1/32 Laurel and Hardy figures ;as the pilot and gunner. They are seated already. Wow, Now I am cooking. I detest the Nazis and anything to do with their era, but in WW1 colors, well, I can live with that. Only I will not put that swastika on anything, other than a roll of toilet paper.

What's that you say? The Edo floats from the 1/24 Beaver kit are wrong as the Germans never used them? Picky, picky, picky.

I feel much better now that I can use that Me-110 kit for something. Maybe I can sling a torpedo under it too.

Again, complaining that all that extra weight on the 110 plus the drag of the floats would make the plane too under-powered to take off? Well I'll just put another motor in the nose and make it a three engine aircraft. I wonder if I have an extra Me-110 engine somewhere in my parts boxes. Hey, any of you guys have an extra Me-110 engine nacelle and parts?

Or I can just leave it two engine and put an 88mm gun barrel coming out the nose.

Or put the gun in the nose and the third engine in the rear as a pusher.

OK, now we have it manned and armed and floated and colored and maybe have added an engine. So what now? Any ideas?


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Similar concept at our regional weekend before last. I thought it looked pretty cool.




The 262 is my favourite option too.


Mine would be overall red with different type of WW-1 crosses (actually modern German crosses from the Piper Cub kit)

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