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[G] A-10 N/AW Thunderbolt II - Trumpeter 1:32.

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After a lof of struggling with this model I finally was able to finish it. 

Model as an early Trumpeter is not perfect, it has a lot of errors and a lot of work is needed to do it properly so I wouldn't recommend to beginners. 

I add resin cockpit (in set was also a resin gun muzzle), Eduard exterior and armament sets, another metal gun muzzle for gun on a trailer and additional model of VW Beetle from Airfix (a terrible, terrible model). Trailer is a scratch build, a few details were added to resin engines frome the kit and to the gun (from kit) on a trailer - especially the ammo belt.
Model was painted in three tone grey camo called Flipper. i know it was not used on A-10N/AW (as it only existed in one prototype) but I liked it much more over a standard grey-green camo.
I only add a little of oil wash and weathering. No dust pigments were added as I wanted to keep it quite clean.
Just to mention as one of the inspiration was probably well known old photo of VW Bettle copared to GAU-8 gun. 
Ohh, and one more thing - I've noticed than some masks were not removed from front windscreen.
Please watch and comment (and be gentle):
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Guest Peterpools

Brilliant, simply a wonderful build. Fit and finish is so very well done; both the cammo and weathering are right on the money.  How I remember the early Republic photos of the A-10, it's Gatling Gun and the VW ... just a classic

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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I'm truly sorry for responding so late but I was with my family on one of the biggest contest this weekend with my models but thank you very much to all of you for you kind words. I'm really happy that you enjoy watching my model. It is good to know that after all those hours of hard work finally pays off with such a wonderful reaction of people like you.

Again big thank you very much.


Kev - it will be an honor for me to publish this photos on the website. Please let me know if you would like me to take some another photos with masks removed.

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