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D.B. Andrus

P-40N interior color

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I strongly suspect this is more a case of where the US logistics train simply had no need to supply quantities of insignia colors to far flung places like the Gilberts and China.  So when the order to ditch the red border came along, they used whatever blue paint they could lay their hands on.


We may need to revisit Lulu Belle!!

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hmm.  "Paleface"?


Did find the following:

440621 P-40N 43-22863 60FS 33FG 14 LAC 3 Smith, Thomas O CHI Shwangliu 
landing accident 3
21 Jun 44 43-22863 Curtiss P-40N-20-CU Warhawk Smith, Thomas O 60FS 33FG 14AF Damaged landing, Shwangliu, China



Also found this while searching- in regards to "Lulu Belle", thought it was interesting.  Looks like a blue border to me, but hard to tell



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