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I am fortunate to have a buddy who is into figure painting. We met several times a week and each do his stuff while we drink coffee and crack jokes. It is a great way to get things done.


Today i finished the decal work. Tomorrow I suppose i should seal them in before weathering.



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I am moving to the weathering stage now but there are some things not even painted yet!

Therefore these pics of the Roy Sutherland resin propeller.



The resin was soft but i didn't want to risk it cracking when using knife or cutter. This was therefore a job for the micro saw i bought from RB productions. It worked very well!

I have primed the blades with vallejo black primer.

They would have got a coat of RLM 70 too, but i had forgotten the paint at home...:P



I am still working to get an acceptable finish on the great and wheels, btw.

Freehand mixing future with tamiya flat base is not easy. I guess i better do it by the book.

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My AB is kept clean in its box, but the box itself show how much i use the AB.

I am very happy with my Iwata Neo.




Back to the build.

I figure it can be dusty in Israel so i sprayed the gear legs with some GW color. I did the same with the wheels but failed and had to strip the paint:(

Still, I am getting somewhere with the under carriage. It looks ok now. A while i considered stripping the paint and start over.




I also painted the propeller blades today. Here is color RLM 70 from two manufacturers.




I like Hannants Xtracrylics the best, but included Vallejo to show the ridiculous difference. It is a well known color after all!

I free hand mixed some white in the Xtracrylics for the scale effect and the result is ok. (i forgot to take a photo...)

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The wheels.


One decal was lost and had to be replaced. Another one is up side down.

Weathering them will be a pain. I can't really remove the paint again because I lack an extra set of wheel decals.


Note: They look less than perfect because i had to strip the paint once. Should be all right when viewed from normal distance.



Lets see what is left to do:

Finish the wheels, bay and gear doors.


Finish and weather propeller and spinner.


The tailwheel, (includes making a new strut).


Weather the entire plane. Final coat of varnish


Remove the mask from the canopy and either redo it or attach it.


Add all wheels, masts and antennas. Pitot tube and position lights.

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The rear wheel. Looks quite good! Almost a pity it will get dusty soon.




Here I have added PE seat belts. Some RLM02 was painted on and nothing else.

It will look ok through the canopy.




Lastly a repair of a decal. The color used was more white than the roundel. I have several options to fix this. I can ignore it. Mix some off white and redo the repair, or weather it away.




Of course, I could just forget it...

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Played in a Cthuhlu inspired scenario at the club today. That didn't leave much time for (modeling)work but I did start weathering using the sponge technique. Tamiya XF24 Dark Grey was the base and I applied Gun metal/silver mix on top of it. 






I am still trying this out which is why it may be too heavily applied at the wing root. I figure it is best to keep on and tone it down, or remove it, once the entire model is done. It may blend in with the overall weathering effort.

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I really need to wrap this one up, but I am waiting for weathering stuff from Mig Ammo. In the meantime the canopy got futured' (on the inside) and armor installed. It was all glued in place using Crystal Clear.

I removed excess glue with a wet brush.




To avoid getting the inside full of dust i need to seal it off with some glue or future. That however is probably best to do lastly when i know if i have to redo the work on the canopy, or not.

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