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Silver Wings

1/32 Silver Wings PZL P.11c

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Great selection of markings! I love the 113 Eskadra Owl. Would look good beside a 316 Squadron Mustang III. Nice to see Skalski's aircraft too.

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On 11th November Poland celebrates National Independence Day.

This special day in the history of our country seems to be a perfect date to announce the model kit of an aircraft which played major role in Polish Air Force history during the World War II. 


Deep analysis of documentation, a pursuit of perfection in each detail and struggle with getting the complex surface detail correct - have eventually paid off.


After many hours of conversations, planning, prototyping, modelling and fitting, our PZL P.11c in 1/32 scale is finally ready.


We are very excited that we will are able to produce this model, and hope that you are pleased with it as well.


The P.11c begins the Silver Limited Edition line. The kit does not only have a fancy box-art but also includes separate metal gun barrels, 82 photo-etched elements, 4 marking options, A4 poster, PZL logo sticker and two discs including museum photos and original manual.


Here are a few photos of the new kit. Please visit our website, www.silverwings.pl to see all the parts photos of this exciting new kit and for ordering information.



The Silver Wings Team 








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How !


As soon as i get my next pay bill, i will have to do something...



Does the "limited edition" means that there is a limited production and only a specific number of kits is available?

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Symon and Wojtek you guys did a great job on the masters I gave you I cannot wait to get mine .I think all your hard work and mine has paid off in It does has to be some thing that would sell more then 20 kits

Thanks again Symon & Wojtek

Ron Dobrzelecki

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The Pzl looks great

When can I purchase the Pzl P11 on your website ? Regards Topper71

You have to e-mail them via the link on their website.


They've a discount system, so the more you buy, the better the price becomes, up to a maximum of four kits.


So, with better value in mind, I've placed an order for 4 kits.


Like I need an excuse anyway - their kits are just wonderful, first class - as is the service.

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