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1/32 Silver Wings PZL P.11c

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Well, I could say - the subject is something extraordinary. Nor only from the historical point of view but also because its shapes, corrugated wings etc.

But, that wouldn't be all. The Silver Limited Edition kit will aso include: "in-motion" box-art, a poster, metal gun barrels ... maybe something more :) You'll find out soon...

If you have any suggestions - let us know. You know we are always open to your suggestions guys.

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Now all I need is a few Karas variations and I am happy on the Polish aircraft front... or did I forget all those cool post-WWI subjects? This has been very high on my want list. I hope that others are as excited about it as I am, and that we keep you guys in business creating amazing kits of these 30's subjects.



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Looks very good I made the wings and airframe masters . I cannot wait to get my copy. To Symon and Wojtej great stuff




From one model pattern maker to another, much respect for your work Sir (and to Silver Wings for producing a great model).





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