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142nd Fighter Wing P-51D ca. 2015

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What if the 142nd Fighter Wing (F-15's) in Portland, Oregon, had a P-51D on a pole by the front gate...and what if the CO decided to take it down and make it airworthy as a morale-building exercise for the maintenance group... and what if they finished it using paint and stencils on hand... a fully restored, airworthy P-51D circa 2015 in Mod Eagle camo.  


An excellent project for the Hasegawa P-51D kit that's been resting quietly in the stash since 1987. Strictly out of the box on this one - let's be honest - I just want to see what the mod Eagle camo looks like on a Mustang!  Using 142nd FW decals from Caracal Models and an old AeroMaster sheet for misc. P-51D stencils, etc.  


With the Pitts S2B nearing completion and five months left in the GB I'm cautiously optimistic I can finish by the deadline.




Thanks for watching!



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