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American Volunteer Group P-51D


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Always wondered what would have happened in the Pacific if the Mustang had shown up much earlier. What if the P-51D had been used by the American Volunteer Group and a new plane showed up in China for the group?  Going to use the Dragon 1/32 kit dressed in Flying Tigers colors, Chuck Older's aircraft, and in a departure from most of my builds, will be strictly OOB.


Just getting started on the cockpit detail.  Ohhh so different from the Tamiya kit!  The engine is the bare minimum I think is needed to get the prop and all installed since I'll keep the cowls buttoned up.








Using the PE instrument panel as I just could not figure out how to use the clear plastic piece.  But FIFTEEN separate decals!!





Painted the bottom a variation of the British Sky Blue.




On the wing top I've put down the Earth Brown, currently showing some initial weathering (maybe a hastily applied paint job before the plane was dispatched to China?)




Will be VERY interesting trying to fit the P-40 sharks mouth onto the P-51 tho.




Hoping to finish this up before the end of August.

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Ah, now THIS I can get behind!    Such a cool idea.......................


Id say you might even want to make the sharksmouth using paint masks.  It might be slightly easier than trying to conform the decal.  BUT if you have several decals to try, I cant see it hurting!

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