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Nap time Academy 1/35 MH-60S

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I was looking at mine today thats why I asked. I would have done the same you did.

I did not go back and strip it down, but when you start your prep for paint, I would use a toothbrush with soapy water and then prime before paint. 

This is a fantastic piece of resin, maybe the best I have worked with, but the release agent really sticks to the part. That plus the difficulty working with metallic paints to begin with makes me recommend a toothbrush and primer.  I am looking forward to seeing  your approach.

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I found some folding hinges for the rotors on Shapeways.  I have a second kit coming in, so I am going to play with folded and unfolded configurations.


Here are the pictures of the hinges and links to some printed wheels.






I have not glued the rotor hinges into final position.  I still need to do some research. I may try a mid-fold position.


Here are the weighted




and unweighted




wheel links.

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Hi All,


Sorry about the quiet period.  Not a lot to update and I have been really busy with, you know, life.


Here is where I stand with my MH-60S:



Decals going on.  For those of you building this kit, the decals are too thick - standard academy. Lay in lots of Micro set and Micro Sol,  lots and lots of micro sol. After the decals have dried I have been going back and trimming out fil. so lots of sharp #11 blades.  Oliver, you should be good in that respect! :-)



I ended being happy with the cockpit hatches.  Let's see how I feel when I mount them.


Here I am really please with the Eduard PE kit.  I am excited to weather the main cabin doors.





Starboard side


The belly of the beast.  I know the cargo hook is backwards. I just don't want to dig it out.


I have some touch up painting and some more decals to place I have also started the rotor assemblies.  Once I have remounted the canopy, I will seal it in flat and begin weathering. 





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I am so disappointed in this kit. really poor fit, especially with the canopy. I ended up buying a second kit just for the canopy.

On the up side, the Eduard aftermarket PE set is amazing.


I am about to wrap it up. I am considering building the second kit pretty much OOB. I might add the extra Eduard PE though. I really like how that worked out.

Did I say how much I liked the Eduard PE sets? :innocent:




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Don't the Navy ones have the rear wheel in a different place?

On the MH-60R, yes. On MH-60S, the airframes were essentially built from scratch for the new variants. All glass cockpit, hardened systems and the rear wheel was moved.

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I am calling this done. Very frustrating build. I am so, so disappointed in fit. Not being able to fit the canopy correctly just wrecked the build for me. I have finished, but I am going no farther with my planned diorama.maybe the next one.


Here are the final pics. I used the shapeways printed hinges for the rotors. I still have a little touch up paint to do and a mask to remove on the canopy.







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